Egypt expresses sorrow over UNSC's failure to adopt resolution on ceasefire in Gaza



Tue, 20 Feb 2024 - 09:29 GMT


Tue, 20 Feb 2024 - 09:29 GMT

CAIRO – 20 February 2024: Egypt expressed its deep sorrow over the UN Security Council (UNSC) failure yet again to adopt an Algeria-proposed resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in the war-devastated Gaza Strip, after the US used its veto power for a third time.

In a statement released by the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, Egypt considered the US veto against a draft resolution calling for stopping an armed conflict that has so far claimed the lives of more than 29,000 civilians, mostly children and women, is a disgraceful precedent in the history of the UN Security Council's dealing with armed conflicts and wars.

Egypt warns that the obstruction of the UN draft resolution leads to the continued killing of Palestinians and the continued daily suffering of the civilian population in the Strip under the Israeli bombing, the statement added.

“Egypt also strongly denounces the selectivity and double standards of the international community in dealing with wars and armed conflicts in different parts of the world, a matter which questions the credibility of rules and working mechanisms of the current international system, especially the UN Security Council that is responsible for preventing conflicts and stopping wars,” the statement read.

Egypt asserted it will continue calling for an immediate ceasefire in the enclave because it is the best way to stop the bloodshed.

According to the statement, Egypt will also continue to make utmost efforts to ensure the sustainable entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip and reject any measures that might lead to the displacement of Palestinians outside their land, including the planned Israeli military operation in Rafah.




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