Palestinian UN official refutes Biden, says Egypt is the most eager to get aid into Gaza



Sat, 10 Feb 2024 - 09:28 GMT


Sat, 10 Feb 2024 - 09:28 GMT

CAIRO – 10 February 2024: Ambassador Majed Bamya, the Deputy Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the United Nations, stated that Egypt is the most eager to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

“If you have doubts about this commitment being based on humanitarian reasons, be assured that it is because Egypt does not want Palestinians to be forcibly displaced from Gaza to Sinai,” Bamya said.

He refuted President Joe Biden’s remarks on Thursday, in which he claimed that the Egyptian state did not want to open the Rafah border crossing for the humanitarian aid at the beginning of the crisis.

“Perhaps President Biden misspoke or perhaps he chose to mention Egypt so as not to single out the real culprit, Israel, but this is neither accurate nor wise,” he stated.

He added that Egypt will be acting against its declared national interests if humanitarian aid is prevented from entering Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

Bamya highlighted that Egypt has welcomed humanitarian aid coming from all over the world, ensuring its safe arrival at the border. He stressed that Palestinians are starving just a few meters away from tons of military aid due to the Israeli blockade and restrictions and repeated shelling of the crossing.

The Egyptian Presidency has responded to Biden’s remarks, saying in a statement on Friday that Egypt has opened the Rafah border crossing from its side without any restrictions or conditions from the first moment.

It added that Egypt has mobilized massive humanitarian aid and relief, flowing from both Egypt itself and countries worldwide who delivered their support directly to Al Arish Airport.

The presidency stressed that Egypt has exerted significant pressure on all concerned parties to ensure the flow of this aid into the sector.

Moreover, the Presidency blamed Israel for obstructing and halting the aid delivery process due to the persistent bombing of the Palestinian side of the crossing.



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