Egyptian ambassador meets with iconic Algerian revolutionary Djamila Bouhired



Fri, 09 Feb 2024 - 07:14 GMT


Fri, 09 Feb 2024 - 07:14 GMT

CAIRO – 9 February 2024: Ambassador Mokhtar Warida, Egypt’s Ambassador to Algeria, seized the opportunity to meet with Djamila Bouhired, a renowned symbol of the Algerian Revolution, to reaffirm the strong ties between Egypt and Algeria.

During his meeting with the Algerian freedom fighter, Warida expressed his pride in meeting one of the symbols of the Algerian revolution, with whom Egypt has strong ties.

He praised her history filled with struggle and sacrifice, which has made her an important icon of the Algerian revolution and a source of inspiration for Algerian and Arab women.

The Egyptian ambassador emphasized the close relations between Egypt and Algeria, built on deep historical roots and Egypt's support for the Algerian revolution and all national liberation movements in the Arab and African regions.

He highlighted the significance of Bouhired as a symbol of sacrificing everything precious and dear in defense of the homeland.

On her part, Bouhired expressed her pride in the bonds that connect her with Egypt, commending the Egyptian people as a great and generous people with a rich culture and civilization.

She also expressed her immense happiness and gratitude for her visit to Egypt to be honored at the official and popular levels in 1962 and 2018. She expressed her happiness for the warm reception and generous hospitality that she received from the Egyptian people.

Bouhired stated that the Algerian people, in general, and Algerian women, in particular, can never forget the support provided by the Egyptian people and government in the struggle for the liberation and independence of Algeria.

Icon of Algerian revolution

Djamila Bouhired, an Algerian nationalist, activist, and revolutionary, is widely recognized as a hero and an iconic figure in the Arab world. She played a significant role in the struggle against French colonial rule as a member of the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN).

In June 1957, Bouhired was arrested during a raid and accused of planting bombs in French restaurants in the Algerian capital.

Despite enduring severe torture in an attempt to coerce her into revealing information about the FLN leader, she remained steadfast and did not disclose any details.

During this critical time, Jacques Vergès, a French lawyer sympathetic to the Algerian nationalist cause, learned about Bouhired's case and decided to represent her.

In a historic trial, Vergès mounted a defense strategy that accused the government itself of committing the acts for which Bouhired was charged, effectively launching a public relations campaign on her behalf.

However, despite Vergès' efforts, she was ultimately convicted and initially sentenced to death.

Arab countries subsequently initiated a campaign that generated immense pressure on France from international governments and human rights organizations. As a result, her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Bouhired's release came after the end of the French occupation in Algeria in 1962.

Throughout her life, Bouhired has remained a vocal advocate for human rights, with a particular focus on women's rights.

She continues to call for comprehensive legal, social, political, and economic reforms to empower women and improve their circumstances.



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