Egypt expects decline in temperatures starting Tuesday, rainfall possible until Thursday



Fri, 09 Feb 2024 - 05:45 GMT


Fri, 09 Feb 2024 - 05:45 GMT

CAIRO – 9 February 2024: The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) forecasts a drop in temperatures across the country starting from Tuesday after a period of warm weather. Residents are advised to keep their heavy clothes handy.

Rainfall chances are expected from Monday to Thursday, particularly in the North Coast, affecting Alexandria and Matrouh governorates.

The EMA also predicts winds in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coast, and northern Upper Egypt, which will contribute to a colder feeling in the weather.

Here are the temperature expectations for next week according to the EMA:

Greater Cairo & Lower Egypt:

  • Saturday: Highs: 21°C, Lows: 12°C
  • Sunday: Highs: 22°C, Lows: 13°C
  • Monday: Highs: 25°C, Lows: 15°C
  • Tuesday: Highs: 22°C, Lows: 13°C
  • Wednesday: Highs: 18°C, Lows: 11°C
  • Thursday: Highs: 19°C, Lows: 11°C

Northern Coast:

  • Saturday: Highs: 20°C, Lows: 11°C
  • Sunday: Highs: 21°C, Lows: 12°C
  • Monday: Highs: 24°C, Lows: 14°C
  • Tuesday: Highs: 19°C, Lows: 11°C
  • Wednesday: Highs: 17°C, Lows: 11°C
  • Thursday: Highs: 17°C, Lows: 11°C

South Sinai:

  • Saturday: Highs: 24°C, Lows: 15°C
  • Sunday: Highs: 25°C, Lows: 15°C
  • Monday: Highs: 26°C, Lows: 17°C
  • Tuesday: Highs: 24°C, Lows: 16°C
  • Wednesday: Highs: 21°C, Lows: 13°C
  • Thursday: Highs: 23°C, Lows: 14°C

Northern Upper Egypt:

  • Saturday: Highs: 23°C, Lows: 8°C
  • Sunday: Highs: 23°C, Lows: 9°C
  • Monday: Highs: 26°C, Lows: 11°C
  • Tuesday: Highs: 23°C, Lows: 9°C
  • Wednesday: Highs: 20°C, Lows: 7°C
  • Thursday: Highs: 20°C, Lows: 6°C

Southern Upper Egypt:

  • Saturday: Highs: 26°C, Lows: 11°C
  • Sunday: Highs: 26°C, Lows: 12°C
  • Monday: Highs: 29°C, Lows: 14°C
  • Tuesday: Highs: 27°C, Lows: 13°C
  • Wednesday: Highs: 23°C, Lows: 11°C
  • Thursday: Highs: 22°C, Lows: 10°C



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