In a statement, the New Valley governorate said that the planning minister is scheduled to open new projects, including "Bashayer El Kheir" village in the New Valley that will include 220 houses in the first Phase.

She is also set to tour the technological center and the control center of the National Network for Emergency and Public Safety in the governorate.

The minister started her visit by inspecting the eco-friendly rural house project, which has been set up in cooperation with October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA).

The project won first place in the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects in the category of small local projects.

A complete prototype of the eco-friendly rural house has been constructed in the city of Kharga as a precursor to the project's expansion. This was done under the cooperation protocol between MSA University and New Valley governorate.

The project gained recognition following the COP27 Climate Conference in Sharm El Sheikh, where New Valley Governor Mohamed el-Zamlout commended the first experimental model implemented within the university campus.

The house is built using alternative systems that strike a balance between traditional and modern approaches to ensure construction sustainability and longevity. It optimizes the use of local resources, reduces the use of high-emission materials, achieves thermal and acoustic comfort, utilizes solar energy, ensures structural safety, revives craftsmanship, and creates employment opportunities.

The project provides smart technological solutions in the production of eco-friendly bricks through computer automation and the development of automated shading systems responsive to weather conditions.