South African president congratulates President Sisi on election victory



Tue, 19 Dec 2023 - 06:55 GMT


Tue, 19 Dec 2023 - 06:55 GMT


CAIRO - 19 December 2023: President Abdel Fattah El Sisi received a phone call Tuesday from South African President Cyril Ramaphosa who congratulated him on his election victory, said Presidential Spokesman Ahmed Fahmy.

He also wished President Sisi continued success in achieving the aspirations and hopes of the Egyptian nation, added the spokesman.

The South African president further affirmed keenness on fostering cooperation between his country and Egypt along with coordinating and consulting over various African issues of mutual interest.

For his part, President Sisi affirmed his keenness on promoting bilateral relations at various levels, as well as exchanging viewpoints toward numerous African issues.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al Sisi secured another presidency term for additional six years after winning the 2024 Presidential Elections with 39.702.541 votes or 89.6% of total valid votes, according to the National Elections Authority.

During a press conference held on Monday Counselor Hazem Badawi, head of Egypt's National Elections Authority, announced the official results of 2024 Precedential elections which came as follows:

Candidate Hazem Omar won second place in the 2024 presidential elections, with a total number of 1,986,352 votes, or 4.5% of total valid votes.

Candidate Farid Zahran won third place in the 2024 presidential elections with a total number of 1,776,952 votes, or 4% of total valid votes.

Candidate Abdul-Sanad Yamama got the fourth place with a total number of votes of 822,606 votes, or 1.9% of total valid votes, according to the National Elections Authority.

The number of voters who participated in the elections reached 44,777,668 at a rate of 66.8%

The number of valid votes in the elections reached 44,288,361, while the number of invalid votes is 489,307.

Ahmed Bandari, Director of the Executive Body of Egypt’s NEA said in his speech that 2024 Egypt's elections was a 'great example' of elections that showed political and constitutional awareness,

He added that the world witnessed unprecedented voting rates in Egypt's 2024 presidential elections.

Bandari thanks all the judges, officials, governors and all participants in maintaining the conduct of the electoral process in a transparent and regular manner.

Hazem Badawi, head of Egypt's National Elections Authority said that 2024 elections witnessed distinctive phenomena that included the participation of all segments of the society in the elections, highest voting percentage in the history of Egypt, no violations in the electoral process, and the diversity in the candidates and their programs.

On December 15, Egypt’s NEA affirmed that no appeals were received from the four presidential candidates or their representatives as regards the decisions taken by the general committees on the voting process.

Millions of Egyptians cast their ballots on 10-11-12 December domestically in thousands of polling stations nationwide.

Ballot sorting at many polling stations has revealed that Sisi is leading the polls, while candidates Farid Zahran and Hazem Omar were competing over the second place.

The 2024 presidential election is the fifth multi-party presidential elections that the country has witnessed in its modern history.

The 2024 elections gain their importance from being a major step in the country’s path towards democratic transformation, party pluralism and political competitiveness.

The election is held a year and a half since the launch of the National Dialogue, which included all components Egyptian political, union and civil society.

The elections for citizens inside the country took place a few days after the three-day voting process for Egyptians abroad was concluded early in December.





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