2024 Presidential Elections: National forces encourage Egyptians to cast their votes, states ECSS



Sat, 09 Dec 2023 - 06:05 GMT


Sat, 09 Dec 2023 - 06:05 GMT

CAIRO – 9 December 2023: The Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies (ECSS) highlights the significance of the upcoming presidential elections, urging Egyptians to participate and make their voices heard amidst pressing threats to national security, ongoing military operations in Gaza, and plans to forcibly relocate Palestinians to Sinai.

In recent weeks, there has been a remarkable display of awareness, understanding, and enthusiasm from all Egyptian parties and entities, emphasizing the importance of broad participation in this pivotal moment in the nation's history.

National forces have united with a common goal: to encourage Egyptian citizens to exercise their free will and express their aspirations through the democratic process and ballot boxes.

This collective message serves to reinforce the determination of a free Egypt in its pursuit of progress, development, and the safeguarding of national security.

This commendable call reflects the diverse perspectives of political parties, entities, and unions, recognizing the historical context in which Egypt finds itself as it approaches the presidential elections—an opportune moment to demonstrate complete popular solidarity through democratic means.

The ECSS commends the efforts of all parties within the Egyptian Parties Alliance, consisting of 42 parties, which have organized large-scale public conferences, issued statements from members of the National Dialogue Council, and engaged in various union activities.

These endeavors highlight an exceptional awareness of the importance of the presidential elections and the necessity for eligible Egyptians to actively participate, considering it a right that should not be relinquished.

Furthermore, the ECSS acknowledges the National Electoral Commission's diligent oversight of all procedural steps and its impartial stance towards all candidates during the election campaign.

This approach has allowed candidates to present their diverse visions and proposals, addressing the challenges that the future president of the Arab Republic of Egypt will face.

The decision by the United Media Services (UMS) Company to allocate 100 impactful advertising minutes to each presidential candidate has played a significant role in informing the Egyptian people and voters about the candidates and their programs.

This commitment to equal opportunities aligns with the company's conscientious national role.

It is not surprising that national forces are rallying at this crucial time, demonstrating solidarity and awareness in support of a beloved nation on the cusp of a historic presidential election.

Egypt stands poised for a promising future, prepared to confront the challenges imposed by its geographical reality and its influential role within the regional and international arenas.

The ECSS expresses full confidence in the awareness of the Egyptian people and their readiness to exercise their electoral rights by actively participating in the presidential elections, responding to the calls of their parliamentary, party, and professional representatives.



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