How Egypt continues to support Gaza



Wed, 06 Dec 2023 - 04:29 GMT


Wed, 06 Dec 2023 - 04:29 GMT

Egyptian aid delivered to Gaza

Egyptian aid delivered to Gaza

CAIRO - 6 December 2023:  Egypt continues its efforts to support the Palestinian people during their humanitarian crisis.


Below are some of the steps Egypt has taken:


- Egypt will continue to open the Rafah crossing from the Egyptian side for the return of those stranded to the Gaza Strip, remove Egyptians and foreign nationals from the Gaza Strip, bring aid and relief materials into field hospitals, and receive the wounded for treatment in Egyptian hospitals.


- The Egyptian Red Crescent coordinates with the agencies concerned to receive aid and provide the necessary support to bring aid into the strip.


- Egypt has voiced concern about the continuation of Israeli military operations in the southern Gaza Strip and the continued targeting of civilians.


- Egypt rejects any attempts to forcibly displace Palestinians to Egyptian territory in violation of international law.


- Egypt emphasizes the necessity of an immediate ceasefire to end the humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip and the necessity of returning to the political path to end this war. Egypt also urges the opening the way for the largest amount of humanitarian and medical aid, especially with a number of hospitals stopping work, especially in the northern Gaza Strip area.


- The number of Egyptian air bridge flights as of 12/5/2023 is 285 aircrafts, and the number of trucks is 2,312. A total of  37 ambulances, 1,788 tons of fuel, 3,391 tons of medicines, and 17,226 tons of food supplies have also been delivered.


- 11,067 foreign nationals and dual nationals have left the strip. Another 529 injured people left and 1,553 Egyptians also left the strip. 



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