Egyptian Expats in Russia Ready for Active Participation in Presidential Elections



Fri, 01 Dec 2023 - 02:25 GMT


Fri, 01 Dec 2023 - 02:25 GMT

The number of the Egyptian community in Russia is approximately 40,000 - Press Photo

The number of the Egyptian community in Russia is approximately 40,000 - Press Photo

CAIRO - 1 December 2023: The Egyptian Ambassador to Russia, Nazeh el-Nagari, stated that the embassy is fully prepared for Egyptians to cast their votes in the presidential elections. He highlighted that these preparations were completed several days before the start of the voting period, with the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs providing all necessary resources for the voting process.

In a statement to the Middle East News Agency in Moscow, Ambassador El-Nagari remarked, "The preparations are proceeding smoothly in accordance with the instructions of the National Election Authority. We are committed to these instructions with utmost precision."

Regarding the expected number of Egyptians in Russia participating in the voting, El-Nagari mentioned, "The number of the Egyptian community in Russia is approximately 40,000. We hope that the majority of them can exercise their voting rights."

He acknowledged the challenges faced by Egyptians in Russia, residing in various Russian cities, with some finding it difficult to travel to Moscow for voting due to circumstances such as the beginning of exams for Egyptian students.

El-Nagari affirmed that the embassy has been in contact with Egyptian students in Russia for an extended period before the voting, educating them on the rules and details of the presidential election process.

These guidelines and details have been disseminated on the embassy's website. He added, "All Egyptians here are aware of what needs to be done, and we hope everyone can fulfill their duty and attend the embassy to cast their votes as much as possible."

The voting for Egyptians abroad in the 2024 presidential elections began on Friday and will continue for three days, concluding on Sunday, across 137 subcommittees distributed at the headquarters of diplomatic missions worldwide. Egyptians abroad can vote by personally attending the embassy or consulate where they are present on the specified voting days, choosing their preferred candidate, and placing the ballot in the designated box.

In the final list of candidates are: Presidential candidate Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, symbolized by the star; Presidential candidate Farid Zahran, president of the Egyptian Democratic Party, symbolized by the sun; Presidential candidate Abdel Sattar Yumama, president of the Wafd Party, symbolized by the palm tree; and Presidential candidate Hazem Omar, symbolized by the peace sign.

In a press statement, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry called on Egyptians abroad to actively visit Egyptian missions to exercise their constitutional right and express their will in the ballot boxes.

Shoukry praised the coordination between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Election Authority, thanking the authority for providing all the necessary support to ensure the ease and safety of the electoral process in our missions abroad.

Shoukry noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has gained significant experience in organizing elections and referendums, participating in the organization of ten constitutional events since 2011.

The ministry also contributes to the arrangements for the participation of international and regional organizations, including the Arab League and the African Union, both of which received invitations from the National Election Authority to monitor the elections.



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