Live updates: 13 Israelis, several Thai nationals captivated by Hamas arrive at Rafah Crossing



Sat, 25 Nov 2023 - 11:26 GMT


Sat, 25 Nov 2023 - 11:26 GMT

Truce enters second day in Gaza

Truce enters second day in Gaza

CAIRO - 25 November 2023: Hamas handed over 13 Israeli captives and four Thai nationals to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Al-Qahera News reported.

Meanwhile, Egypt is following up on the release of Palestinian detainees at the Israeli Ofer prison in the West Bank.

[11:43 PM]

Egyptian medical teams are conducting examinations on the Israelis and other foreign nationals released by Hamas prior to their handover to the Israeli side.

[11:00 PM]

Egypt successfully resolved the setback in the second captive-for-prisoners release, Al-Qahera News reported.

The implementation of the second round will resume after experiencing a delay due to technical reasons, said Diaa Rashwa, head of Egypt's State Information Service (SIS).

[10:45 PM]

Israel will dispatch 100 aid trucks to the Gaza Strip, including northern Gaza, by midnight to uphold the truce agreement, Al Qahera News reported.

[10:30 PM]

Qatar's Foreign Ministry expressed gratitude to Egypt for its mediation efforts today, aimed at ensuring the fulfillment of the truce deal's terms.

[10:20 PM]

The Commission of Detainees Affairs in Palestine reported that the majority of detainees to be released by Israel tonight are children.

[9:39 PM]

Egyptian ambulances move toward to the Gaza Strip as Egypt successfully resolves the setback in the second captive-for-prisoners release.

[9:37 PM]

Hamas said it has responded positively to the Egyptian-Qatari efforts exerted throughout the day to maintain Gaza humanitarian pause.

[8:58 PM]

The ICRC is preparing to receive 13 Israeli captives and an additional seven foreign nationals released by Hamas on the second day of Gaza humanitarian pause.

[8:35 PM]

Egypt is working to ensure the implementation of the second release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in exchange for Palestinian detainees held by the Israeli authorities.

Second group of Palestinian captives held by the Israeli occupation arrived in Ofer Prison in the West Bank to be released shortly, Al-Qahera News reported.

According to Israeli reports, Hamas is scheduled to release around 13 Israeli captives on Saturday in exchange for 42 Palestinian captives on the second day of the Gaza humanitarian truce.

The truce, which came into effect early on Friday, comes after seven weeks of intense Israeli bombing of the besieged Gaza Strip.

On the first day of the truce, Hamas released 24 civilians who were detained in the Gaza Strip. In return, Israel released 39 women and children who were in Israeli prisons.

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The truce stipulates a comprehensive ceasefire in Gaza in its northern and southern parts, and the release of 50 hostages held by Hamas and 150 Palestinian prisoners.

Aid that has entered Gaza on day 1 of the ceasefire:

- 89 aid trucks
- 2 ambulances from a Long Live Egypt grant
- 7 fuel trucks (129,000 liters - 4 tanks of gas stoves
- 105 other trucks on their way to Rafah
- 100 trucks under inspection in Israeli Nitzana border crossing
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[8:20 PM]

Massive protests unfolded in Tel Aviv, calling for the government to work on the release of all Hamas-held captives in Gaza.
[6:30 PM]
Hamas' Qassam brigades announced delaying the release of Israeli captives until Israel adheres to the terms of the humanitarian pause related to allowing aid to northern Gaza, Al Qahera News reported.

"The release of the second round of hostages will be delayed until Israel adheres to the terms of the agreement in allowing aid trucks into northern Gaza," Qassam said in a TV statement.

Around 70 humanitarian aid trucks arrived in northern Gaza on the second day of humanitarian pause, Al Qahera News reported. Hamas says only 65 trucks arrived today, representing half of the number agreed upon under the deal.

Since the truce started, 17 injured people and 15 companions entered Egypt for treatment. Twelve others were handed over to Turkey and UAE to receive treatment.
About 110 Palestinians have left Gaza thus far.
Both the Spanish and Belgian prime ministers visited Rafah border crossing after talks with Egyptian officials, thanking Egypt for its efforts to reach and ceasefire and supply Gaza with aid. They also called for the release of hostages and urged Israel to abide by the international law.


[6:20 PM]

According to reports, Egypt is working tirelessly to continue delivering humanitarian aid to northern Gaza and also to finalize the second captive-for-prisoners release today.

[4:50 PM]

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi held a meeting in Cairo with Tanja Fajon, Slovenia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and João Cravinho, Portugal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting on Saturday, Sisi, Fajon and Cravinho voiced categorical rejection of the displacement of the Palestinian people from their lands in Gaza, Egyptian Presidential Spokesman Ahmed Fahmi said in a statement.

They highlighted the necessity to continue efforts to firm up the humanitarian truce declared in Gaza, and build on it to reach a permanent ceasefire.

 [3:25 PM]

Postive indicators for truce extension

Journalist Diaa Rashwan, the head of the State Information Service (SIS), stated that Egypt received a list of the names of 13 detainees in Gaza Strip, and 39 Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons, whose release is scheduled to take place Saturday.

Rashwan added that there are currently intense Egyptian communications with the Palestinian and Israeli sides, to conduct the release of a larger number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and those detained by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

He explained that Egypt has so far received positive indicators from all parties that Gaza humanitarian truce may be extended.

Journalist Diaa Rashwan, head of the State Information Service, stated that intensive Egyptian contacts are currently taking place with all parties, to extend the truce period between the Israeli and Palestinian sides, for an additional day or two, to release more detainees in Gaza and Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

[1:35 PM] 

Egypt says the Rafah land crossing remains “permanently open” for the transfer of hundreds of tons of relief and humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip to support the Palestinian people.

[1:30 PM] 

Egypt urges the Israelis and Palestinians to adhere fully to the truce agreement.

Egypt makes intensive contacts with all parties to allow humanitarian aid and fuel to enter the northern Gaza Strip as per the terms of the truce.

Egypt contacts the Israelis and Palestinians to release more Palestinian prisoners and Israeli captives held by Hamas.

[1:10 PM]

Al Arabiya correspondent: A Qatari delegation arrives in Israel to discuss extending the humanitarian truce in Gaza in exchange for the release of more detainees


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[12:40 PM]

Four planes arrive in Arish carrying aid to Gaza from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Russia

[12:29 PM]

Egyptian Red Crescent: 7 fuel trucks and 100 medical and humanitarian aid trucks entered Gaza

[11:22 AM]

Egyptian health minister: All Palestinian cases being treated in Egyptian hospitals are in good and stable condition, and receive treatment on a regular basis.


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[11:20 AM]
Egyptian Health minister: We provide all medical capabilities to urgently treat the injured Palestinians




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