Egypt will not accept, allow displacement of Palestinians in Gaza to Egypt, Sisi



Thu, 23 Nov 2023 - 11:52 GMT


Thu, 23 Nov 2023 - 11:52 GMT

CAIRO – 23 November 2023: President Abdel Fattah al Sisi affirmed on Thursday that Egypt will not accept or allow the displacement of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to Egypt.

In his speech at “Long Live Egypt: A People’s Response in Solidarity with Palestine” conference, Sisi said that “We have always spoken rationally, wisely, calmly, and patiently, but no one should think that our speech contains any weakness. Therefore, we affirm: No displacement of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to Egypt.”

President Sisi started his speech with a ‘minute of silence’ for the victims of Palestine.

He said that the Arab region is facing a serious crisis that adds to the challenges it has suffered for decades.

“The Palestinian issue faces a ‘very sensitive situation’ by a party that used ‘collective punishment’ as a mean to displace the people and seize their land” Sisi said

He added that ‘The killing machine’ in Gaza started to act ‘without conscience or reason’ until it became a disgrace to all of humanity.

Sisi affirmed that from the first moment, Egypt followed what was happening in Gaza, and was keen on getting all updated information on the situation, and made continuous communication with all parties.

He noted that a ‘Egyptian chamber’ was formed to manage and follow the crisis in Gaza from all state institutions, of which he personally followed its work around the clock.

“My decision from the very first moment came in support of the Egyptian fixed stance towards the cause, to be at the forefront of supporting the Palestinian people.” Sisi noted.

He stressed that Egypt has made sincere and intense efforts to prevent the escalation of Gaza war at all levels.

“We held the first international summit in Cairo, with broad international and regional participation, in order to obtain international recognition of the necessity of stopping this conflict and ensuring the flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip” Sisi said

He stressed that Egypt intensified its international communications with the world leaders. “As we affirmed to everyone the Egyptian stance that rejects all plans to forcibly displace Palestinians, whether from the Gaza Strip or the West Bank to Egypt and Jordan. Egypt refuses all ways to liquidate the Palestinian cause or to harm Egypt’s national security.”

“We have millions of guests, and when we say that we do not accept the liquidation of the Palestinian cause by displacing its people, 'No one can outbid us'

The Palestinian situation, however; is completely different to other situations regarding the guests that we have in Egypt from other countries.

The guests we currently host, already have their countries, the current circumstances are just unstable. But, if Palestinians left their lands now, they will never return to it again.” Sisi said in his speech.

Egypt’s President thanked the countries of the world, led by the United States of America, which affirmed its support for the Egyptian position and its rejection of any attempts of displacement of Palestinians to Egypt.

Sisi confirmed in his speech: “You all must know that Rafah crossing was never closed, but was bombed four times by Israeli forces from the Palestinian side.”

He explained that the decision was always to continue opening the Rafah crossing, for the flow of food, medical and fuel aid, as well as to receive the wounded and injured.

“The aid that Egypt brought into the Gaza Strip amounted to about 12,000 tons, transported by 1,300 trucks, including 8,400 tons provided mainly by the Egyptian state, through the Egyptian Red Crescent, the National Alliance for Civil Development Work, and the Long Live Egypt Fund, which means 70% of total aid.” Sisi said

He noted that “We have also designated Al-Arish International Airport to receive aid planes coming from abroad, with a total of 158 flights.”

“The Egyptian efforts, joint with the U.S. and 'Qatari brothers', have culminated in reaching a 4-day humanitarian truce agreement, and I hope that its implementation will begin n the coming days, without any delay

I assure you in clear terms and sincere words that we are determined to move forward, in the face of this crisis, adhering to the historical rights of the Palestinian people”

By the end of his speech Sisi said that “We search for ‘lost humanity’ among the ‘ruins of zero-sum conflicts’, ignited by extremist voices that have forgotten that ‘God is justice’ and that peace is humanity’s choice, even if its enemies think otherwise.”



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