Egyptian Parliament Member Urges Global Recognition of Egypt's Security Role, Says Economic Security 'Shared Responsibility'



Tue, 21 Nov 2023 - 07:29 GMT


Tue, 21 Nov 2023 - 07:29 GMT

Member of Parliament Diaa El-Din Dawood - File Photo

Member of Parliament Diaa El-Din Dawood - File Photo

CAIRO - 21 November 2023: In a session at the Egyptian Parliament, Member of Parliament Diaa El-Din Dawood underscored Egypt's significant role in the region, stating that the country is not a small nation seeking favors. Dawood stressed that Egypt's economic security is a global and regional responsibility. Speaking in the presence of Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouly, Dawood highlighted Egypt's substantial contributions and responsibilities towards both Europe and regional partners.

Dawood addressed concerns regarding potential grants, loans, and deposits, asserting the necessity to distinguish between economic entitlements and other considerations. He emphasized Egypt's stature as a pivotal nation and its role as a safeguard for regional security.

"Egypt is a major state, and its presence in the region is a security bulwark," Dawood stated. He added that the support Egypt seeks is not charity but recognition of its pivotal role in the region.



Dawood urged clear answers to assure the Egyptian people and deliver unambiguous messages internationally.

During the parliamentary session, Dawood expressed reservations about certain agreements, suggesting that if any agreement hinders Egypt's progress, it should be rejected unequivocally. He emphasized the need for clear responses to address the security challenges facing Egypt and the Arab region.

Dawood called for heightened measures to counter Israeli actions, proposing actions such as the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador. He acknowledged the potential costs but asserted that Egypt, as a major nation, is ready to bear them in defense of its national security.

In conclusion, Dawood stressed that Egypt's presence in the region is essential for overall security and that the international community should recognize Egypt's pivotal role.

He called for clear messages to both the Egyptian public and the international community regarding the nation's commitment to protecting national security.




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