Egypt, Qatar coordinate on Gaza ceasefire, hostage exchange deal



Tue, 21 Nov 2023 - 11:07 GMT


Tue, 21 Nov 2023 - 11:07 GMT

FILE - Impact of Israeli shelling in Gaza in 2023 - Photo by Anas Al Sharif

FILE - Impact of Israeli shelling in Gaza in 2023 - Photo by Anas Al Sharif

CAIRO – 21 November 2023: Egypt is intensifying efforts with all concerned parties to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza as well as a hostage exchange deal, high-profile sources told Al Qahera News Tuesday.


Further, official sources revealed that Egypt and Qatar were coordinating together to accomplish a truce in Gaza Strip.


Egypt has been cooperating in the evacuation of foreigners and dual nationals stuck in Gaza, as 6,713 of those transited in the country after they entered through Rafah Border Crossing between November 2 and November 17. Currently, there are 240 others waiting to leave the Strip.


As for the number of injured Palestinians Egypt took in for treatment, they amount to 236, mostly children, joined by 197 companions. The country also received 28 premature children.


In a similar context, nine trucks carrying fuel have entered Gaza Strip over batches since November 17, and that is necessary to power hospitals.


Chief of the Egyptian Red Crescent Ramy al-Nazer told press Thursday that the total number of aid trucks that entered Gaza Strip, through Rafah Border Crossing, since the beginning of the crisis had amounted to 1,090 carrying a total of 18,800 tons. The shipments included food, water, medicines, medical supplies, and various equipment.


The contributions of Egypt and the United Nations are 10,000 tons and 6,200 tons, respectively.


In the past few hours, 50 aid trucks entered Gaza, while there are nine ambulances waiting to enter to carry in more injured Palestinians.



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