Presidential candidate Farid Zahran reveals program, says 'I represent strong political current'



Tue, 14 Nov 2023 - 01:04 GMT


Tue, 14 Nov 2023 - 01:04 GMT

Presidential Candidate Farid Zahran - file

Presidential Candidate Farid Zahran - file

CAIRO - 14 November 2023: Egyptian Presidential candidate Farid Zahran revealed the details of his presidential program, saying that the essence of his program is based on the idea of change, in which he seeks to change the course of the system that monopolizes power and the public sphere.

Farid Zahran, who is also the head of the Egyptian Democratic Social Party, added, in an interview with the “Evening with Qaswa” TV program, broadcast on CBC, that there are different versions of the political system in Egypt, questioning: “How many times have we witnessed pluralistic presidential elections?”

He continued: “Before 1952, there was a hereditary rule. The first multiparty presidential elections in Egypt were in 2005. Before that, there was a referendum, and therefore there are different editions of the system.”

Farid Zahran also highlighted the national dialogue launched by the state to generate debate around the country's future, describing it as “an energy created”, in which he participated in. He went on explaining that his program includes a modern democratic state, “and the President of the Republic does not control the authorities, but rather manages these authorities.” 

He continued: “This is what qualifies me to represent an alternative.”

“The presidential elections are important, and there are people who believe that caring for Gaza and the Palestinian people makes us not pay much attention to the presidential elections,” he said, adding that “if Egypt were in a better condition, the situation in Palestine would have been in a better condition, and therefore we must pay attention to the presidential elections.”

Presidential candidate Farid Zahran added, in an interview with the program “Evening with Qaswa”, broadcast on CBC, that the entire Arab world would remain in a better condition if Egypt was better, and Egypt is not in a good condition and the countries neighboring Egypt are not in a good condition and some Arab countries. The bridge is not in good condition.

During the interview, Farid Zahran went on saying that “the main reason for what is happening to the Arab countries is the absence of democracy and political life, the absence of free and voluntary societal cohesion, and the continuation of authoritarian regimes that have led to collapse and division, and Egypt should not go down this path.”

Zahran added “the candidate for the presidential elections is not just someone who sees himself as a legendary hero, or supported by divine providence. He must be an alternative to some solution and must represent different groups, visions, and interests.”

He continued: “I represent an alternative, not just a person. I represent parties, the Egyptian opposition, and any role in political society. I represent a strong and political current,” adding “my work history in democracy, civil history, and my stances supports my words.”

He said that the elections is not about a person competing with a person, but rather a person who represents a project, visions, plans, and a path.

He said: “People outside the political and cultural community do not know me, but it is easy to know me through my different stances on causes. My positions are not individual but part of a group, and I express a civil, democratic alternative to a regime that has ruled Egypt for 70 years.”



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