Chairwoman of Egypt's Al Dostour Party meets with EU ambassador to demand halting atrocities in Gaza



Mon, 30 Oct 2023 - 05:17 GMT


Mon, 30 Oct 2023 - 05:17 GMT

CAIRO – 30 October 2023: A delegation from Al Dostour Party, headed by Gamila Ismail, visited Monday European Union Ambassador to Egypt Christian Berger to deliver a message written by the party's political bureau on the Gaza War.


The visit is within a plan set by the party last week to meet with diplomatic missions in Egypt and contact European parliamentarians and political parties to demand halting the atrocities committed by Israel against Palestinians.  


The message reads:


We hope this message finds you well.


Although we cannot understand how anyone can be well while the Israeli occupation government commits these atrocities against innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza. How can anyone rest their head and have peace in their heart while Palestinian children are subjected to relentless bombing 24 hours a day for over 23 days?


As your Excellency is aware, the Zionist entity has occupied Palestinian territories since 1948, with the world endorsing this occupation through the recognition of the land seized by the state of Israel.


The state of Israel, which has always considered itself above international law, is the sole modern-day occupying state. They have committed massacres throughout the ages without being held accountable for their crimes, such as Deir Yassin, Jenin, Qana, the bombing of the USS Liberty in Egypt, and more, as simple examples of the atrocities they have committed in less than 70 years. While the world remains silent, they become more ruthless and continue to commit more war crimes.


They deliberately target civilians by shelling the homes of civilian families, schools, hospitals, and even churches, as we all witnessed the bomb that targeted the Arab Baptist Hospital, in which more than 1,000 civilians were killed. And the bomb that targeted the Church of St. Porphyrius, one of the oldest churches on earth.


Israel is not just an occupying power that declared itself a state but also the only apartheid state in the world by treating Arab Muslims and Christians equally as second-class humans, confining them to divided pieces of land, denying them the same rights enjoyed by any other citizen in the world.


If you try to be an Arab in what is called the state of Israel, you will not have the right to freedom of movement outside of Gaza and the West Bank, nor to receive equal wages if you are one of the few allowed to work in the lands occupied by the government of Israel, nor the right to freedom of expression, or your right to practice your religious rituals by praying in one of the holiest places in Islam, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the list goes on and on.


You must be aware of international laws and the descriptions of aggressive acts agreed upon by conventions and humanitarian agreements; it is explained beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is no longer a war; it is a plan for genocide in every sense of the word. Cutting off electricity, food, water, and fuel to 2.2 million civilians is an ongoing war crime as international law dictates.


We can never forget that Nelson Mandela himself was once labeled a terrorist for doing the very same thing against apartheid rule in South Africa before justice prevailed, and the brave people of South Africa obtained their freedom.


Your Excellency,


We, in the Al Dostour Party, protest your stance on the crimes of the occupation in Gaza, and we urge you to take a position that reflects your respect for international law and the principles upon which the international community was built. We call on your governments to act urgently in the United Nations and the Security Council to force the occupation government to stop its savage war against civilians, starting with an immediate ceasefire against the Palestinian people in Gaza.


We also hope that the Al Dostour's stance is a defense of values and principles that respect human rights and do not support the crimes of the occupation and its armed forces against innocent civilians in Palestine.


The Political Bureau of Al Dostour Party

Head of the bureau and the President of the Al Dostour Party

                                                                                                           Gameela Ismail   



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