UNGA approves Arab resolution calling for immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza



Fri, 27 Oct 2023 - 08:10 GMT


Fri, 27 Oct 2023 - 08:10 GMT

CAIRO – 27 October 2023: The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted on Friday an Arab non-binding resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip.

A total of 120 countries voted in favor of the decision, while only 14 countries voted against it and 45 other countries abstained during an emergency session for the UNGA.

The countries that voted against the resolution include Israel, the United States, Guatemala, Croatia, Czechia, Paraguay, Marshall Islands, Hungary, Tonga, Papua New Guinea and Micronesia.


The details of the resolution come as follows:

- UNGA resolution adopted by overwhelming majority calls for an "immediate, permanent, and sustainable humanitarian ceasefire leading to the cessation of hostilities."

- The UNGA demands that all parties fully comply immediately with their obligations under the international law and enable and facilitate humanitarian access to essential supplies and services to all needy civilians in the Gaza Strip.

- The resolution strongly rejects "any attempts at forced displacement of Palestinian civilians."

- The resolution calls for the reversal of the Israeli orders for Palestinian civilians, UN personnel, as well as humanitarian and medical workers to evacuate all areas in northern Gaza and move toward the south.

- The resolution calls for the "immediate and unconditional release" of all civilians detained unlawfully, and demands their safety, well-being, and humane treatment in accordance with international law.

- The resolution emphasizes the need to establish mechanisms promptly to ensure the protection of Palestinian civilian populations.

- The resolution calls for adopting a mechanism for humanitarian notification to safeguard United Nations facilities and all humanitarian entities and to ensure unimpeded movement of aid convoys.

- The resolution condemns all acts of violence targeting Palestinian and Israeli civilians, including "all acts of terrorism and indiscriminate attacks, as well as all acts of provocation, incitement, and destruction."

- The UNGA expresses deep concerns regarding the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip and its immense repercussions on civilian populations, the majority of whom are children.




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