Jets carrying aid to Gaza Strip from India, Qatar land in Arish Airport



Sun, 22 Oct 2023 - 12:43 GMT


Sun, 22 Oct 2023 - 12:43 GMT

CAIRO – 22 Cairo 2023: Two jets carrying aid to Gaza Strip from India and Qatar landed in Arish International Airport Sunday, and they are being unloaded by the Egyptian Red Crescent, upping the total to 24 aircraft that brought shipments donated by foreign countries and international organizations.


The UNRWA indicated in its Saturday situation report that there were nearly 384,200 internally-displaced people (IDPs) sheltering in 90 UNRWA shelters in the Middle Area, Khan Younis, and Palestinian Rafah.


Further, due to continued bombardments in the southwest of Gaza area on Friday, the figure rose by 16,000; half of which is in Rafah.


The organization lost contact with 160,000 IDPs, who were sheltering in 57 UNRWA schools in the northern area of Gaza, on October 12 when the Israeli authorities issued an evacuation order. 


The UNRWA has not established any new camps in Gaza Strip during the crisis so as it still has just eight. Yet, it distributed 80 tents at Khan Younis Training Center, where 17,000 IPD are sheltering, to reduce crowdedness.


As for the West Bank, an Israeli storming into Nour Al Shams Refugee Camp caused the killing of 13 Palestinians, and the damage of roads, electricity and water networks.


The number of deaths and injuries in Gaza have amounted to 4,137 and 13,162, respectively, since October 7. The figures include 1,661 and 4,232 children, respectively. In addition, there are 1,400 individuals missing under the rubbles, including 720 children. As for the figures in Israel, there are 1,400 deaths and 4,629 injuries.



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