Palestine strongly rejects Israeli crimes of transfer, deportations of Palestinian people



Sat, 14 Oct 2023 - 01:46 GMT


Sat, 14 Oct 2023 - 01:46 GMT

Israeli Airstikes on Gaza Strip

Israeli Airstikes on Gaza Strip

CAIRO – 14 October 2023: Palestine rejected and condemned, in the strongest terms, Israel’s crimes of transfer and deportation of the Palestinian people in the occupied Gaza Strip, according to a statement issued from the Palestinian embassy in Cairo.


“The Palestinian people are undergoing another Nakba, in full view of the international community,” the statement read. Nakba is an Arabic term that means “Catastrophe” and refers to Israeli crimes of destroying the Palestinians’ homes and kicking them out of their homeland permanently in 1948.


“We ask the international community to immediately and urgently intervene to stop Israel’s massacres, carnage, and onslaught. We remind States of their standing legal obligations to respect and ensure respect for international humanitarian law,” the statement added.


Palestine also called upon the international community not to participate, support, give cover, or engage in the commission of these ongoing crimes.


“We welcome the principled position of States who have stood up to international law and urge all States to mobilize all efforts to provide urgent humanitarian funding and supplies, including through UNRWA and the other UN agencies, international organizations, and Palestinian institutions, including the Palestine Red Crescent Society,” the statement said,


“The Palestinian people must be protected from State terror and crimes against humanity being perpetrated against them by their colonizer and oppressor. Israel’s colonial occupation and abhorrent apartheid regime, including its inhumane blockade on Gaza, must be brought to an end now. This Nakba against the Palestinian people must end,” the statement added.


Israel has called Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to leave their homes and head for the southern part of the strip, a point with the Egyptian border city of Al Arish, ahead of the Israeli ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, which has been bombed since October 7. The Israeli call reflects how Israel is working to expel all Palestinians from their lands and violating international laws and norms.


Hamas' Qassam Brigades launched Saturday an offensive on Israeli settlements in the occupied lands by firing 5,000 missiles in 20 minutes, invoking airstrikes on Gaza that incurred scores of casualties and have not ceased until present.


Hamas fighters launched their military operation to put an end to the suffering of the Palestinians due to the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip and due to the intensive provocative actions by Israeli forces and settlers against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem.


Israel has 2,215 martyrs and wounded 8,714 others in the Gaza Strip, while in the West Bank, the number of martyrs reached 54 people and about 1,100 were injured.


Israel announced that the number of deaths reached 1,300 Israelis and 3,300 others were injured.


Egypt warned against the serious dangers of the continuous Israeli escalation against the Palestinians when the Israeli forces stormed and attacked many parts of the occupied lands in Jenin of the West Bank.




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