Sisi: Palestinian people need to remain steadfast, present on their land



Thu, 12 Oct 2023 - 08:01 GMT


Thu, 12 Oct 2023 - 08:01 GMT

CAIRO – 12 October 2023: President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has warned of attempts of terminating the Palestinian cause, stressing that Palestinians have to remain steadfast and present on their own land.

In a speech at the graduation ceremony of Egypt’s military students on Thursday, Sisi said Egypt hosts nine million guests who have left their countries in pursuit of peace and security. However, he stressed that the case of Gaza Strip is different.

“The matter is different as the [Palestinian] cause is the top cause of all Arabs and it is important that [Palestinian] people remain steadfast and present on their lands,” Sisi said.

He stressed that Egypt “will exert its utmost efforts to alleviate [their suffering].”

In his speech, the president highlighted Egypt’s intensive contacts with international partners in order to halt the ongoing fighting and escalation and alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

He also stressed Egypt’s keenness to deliver medical and humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people during such ordeal.

Sisi called for parties of the conflict to prioritize reason and wisdom, exercise utmost self-restraint, and ensure the protection of civilians, women and children, by refraining from brutal acts of revenge.

“We must recognize that any conflict that does not lead to peace is senseless,” Sisi said.

He urged “immediate return to the path of negotiations in order to avoid fires that will be ignited and will not leave anything, far or near, unless they burn it.”

With regard to peace efforts, Sisi said Egypt is fully prepared to utilize all its capabilities and efforts in mediation in coordination with effective international and regional partners “without any restrictions or conditions.”

“Egypt’s endeavors for peace and considering it as its strategic choice make it imperative for Egypt not to leave the brothers in beloved Palestine, and to preserve the resources of the brotherly Palestinian people and ensure that they regain their legitimate rights,” the president stated.

Sisi emphasized the utmost importance of sparing the innocent from bearing the consequences of the current military conflict.

This necessitates the immediate facilitation of humanitarian aid delivery to the Palestinian people, Sisi said, adding that the international community must assume its responsibilities in this regard for the sake of peace.

Israel has leveled up its airstrikes against the Gaza Strip over the past days, killing hundreds of Palestinians including children and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

Since the start of the current conflict, Egypt has been calling for both sides of the conflict to prioritize de-escalation and exercise utmost restraint.

Egypt has also made intensive contacts with international influential parties as well the Palestinian and Israeli sides to contain the situation.

Egypt has warned of the conflict’s consequences on the lives of Palestinian and Israeli civilians and its potential risks on the region’s security and stability.

Moreover, Egypt has stressed keenness to provide aid to the Palestinians in Gaza, which total more than 2 million people.



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