Sisi warns from attempts to derail Palestinian issue from its course, call on parties to raise voice of reason



Thu, 12 Oct 2023 - 07:43 GMT


Thu, 12 Oct 2023 - 07:43 GMT

CAIRO – 12 October 2023: Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al Sisi warned on Thursday from attempts seek to derail the Palestinian issue from its course, which aims to achieve peace based on justice, the principles of Oslo, the Arab Peace Initiative and the resolutions of international legitimacy.

“… and who seek an escalation to deviate from this path toward zero-sum conflicts, where there is no winner or loser. They want conflicts that violate the principles of international and humanitarian law and infringe upon the principles of religions and ethics.” Sisi said during his speech at the graduation ceremony of new batches of military colleges

Sisi called on all parties to raise the voice of reason and wisdom, and to adhere to the utmost degrees of self-restraint.

“Recognizing and acknowledging that every conflict that does not lead to peace is absurd, I call on all parties to raise the voice of reason and wisdom, and to adhere to the utmost degrees of self-restraint, removing civilians, children and women from the cycle of brutal revenge and return immediately to the path of negotiations, to avoid fires that will be ignited; fires that will not leave anything, far or near, but will burn it.” Sisi said.

The president also affirmed that ‘Egypt is prepared to harness all its capabilities and efforts toward mediation, in coordination with all effective international and regional partners, without restrictions or conditions.’

Sisi stressed that the history and rules of geography ‘have shaped the Charter of Arab Honor in the Egyptian conscience.’ Which placed Egypt, always and forever, at the forefront of defending the Arab nation, offering blood and sacrifices, committing all its resources for the sake of the legitimate Arab right.


“When it was war, we were fighters .. When it was peace we were the initiators .. we did not fail our Arab nation.. and we will never do.” Sisi said.

“I emphasize clearly that Egypt’s endeavors for peace and considering it as its strategic choice make it imperative for Egypt not to leave the brothers in beloved Palestine, and to preserve the resources of the brotherly Palestinian people and ensure that they regain their legitimate rights.

This is our unequivocal, firm and solid stance. It is not a decision that we take, but rather a belief enshrined in our hearts and conscience.”

Sisi noted in his speech that the international community has to assume its responsibilities in this regard for the sake of peace.

The president affirmed that over a period of a decade, Egypt, its army and people have been shaping the future.

“We confronted terrorism and terror, we embarked on building the institutions, we encountered challenges with development and construction, and we will continue to face all challenges with all resolve and steadfastness, with our national alignment .. fully determined that our beloved Egypt remains at the forefront of nations .. and for our people to enjoy a decent life that they are worthy of.”

President Sisi also congratulated the newly graduated patch of Military collages and their families

“I feel overjoyed, today, as we celebrate together the graduation of a new generation of Egypt’s sons and daughters, who studied, in the Egyptian military school, the principles of patriotism and heroism and the values of dignity and pride.”



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