Israel warns citizens of travelling to Middle East amid Israel-Hamas war



Sun, 08 Oct 2023 - 08:58 GMT


Sun, 08 Oct 2023 - 08:58 GMT

Ben Gurion International Airport terminal 3, main entrance - FILE/Picryl

Ben Gurion International Airport terminal 3, main entrance - FILE/Picryl

CAIRO - 8 October 2023: Israel has warned its citizens of travelling to Middle East countries, including Egypt, as well as other countries with travel warnings a day after the Israeli government announced the “state of war” against Hamas fighters in Gaza.

Israel’s National Security Council made the announcement on its website on Sunday.

Israel-Hamas battles have entered its second day with Israel launching retaliatory airstrikes against Gaza as the Islamist group has launched unprecedented attacks on Israelis, killing 700 of them and taking dozens more as hostage.

The Israeli announcement also comes shortly after an Egyptian policeman opened fire on a group of Israeli tourists in Alexandria, killing two of them as well as one Egyptian and injured another person.

A security source said the shooting, which took place at Pompey's Pillar, was random and that the shooter is currently under investigation as he was arrested immediately after the incident.

Egypt, which receives millions of tourists annually including Israelis, rarely witnesses any attacks against visitors. Egypt has also intensified its security measures at airports and tourist attractions over the past decade in order to ensure a safe stay for visitors.

Over the past years, Egypt and Israeli have been keen to increase their direct flights with Israeli tourists enjoying charming destinations in South Sinai, Cairo and other parts of the country.

Since the start of the current conflict, Egypt has been calling for both sides of the conflict to prioritize de-escalation and exercise utmost restraint.

Egypt has also made intensive contacts with international influential parties as well the Palestinian and Israeli sides to contain the situation amid its consequences on the lives of Palestinian and Israeli civilians and its potential risks on the region’s security and stability.

In 2021, Egypt helped broker a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas, putting an end to a major 11-day fighting that claimed around 250 lives, mainly in Gaza. The Egyptian move was praised by world countries and international groupings.



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