Egyptian parliament criticizes European parliament's statement



Fri, 06 Oct 2023 - 02:08 GMT


Fri, 06 Oct 2023 - 02:08 GMT

FILE - Egyptian Parliament

FILE - Egyptian Parliament

CAIRO - 6 October 2023: The Egyptian Parliament expressed deep dismay at the decision made by the European Parliament on October 5, 2023, concerning the human rights situation in Egypt, particularly regarding Hisham Qasim.


This decision is seen as part of the European Parliament's ongoing, unjustified, and desperate attempts to assert authority over matters that fall outside its jurisdiction, disregarding international agreements condemning interference in the internal affairs of sovereign nations.


While the Egyptian Parliament rejects this decision as lacking credibility and neutrality, it is essential to address some aspects raised in the resolution because they shed light on the truth and bring matters into perspective.


Regarding Qasim and the demand for his immediate and unconditional release, it should be noted that the incident involves defamation and slander against a prominent opposition figure, Kamal Abu Eita. Opposition political forces and some Egyptian human rights activists attempted to mediate a resolution to this dispute, which was rejected by Qasim. Additionally, there were allegations of assaulting public employees in the performance of their duties.


All legal procedures have been followed in accordance with Egyptian criminal law. Releasing Qasim as suggested in the resolution would constitute a violation of the independence of the Egyptian judiciary, an independence that the European Parliament consistently advocates for. This demonstrates a double standard and is an unwarranted and objectionable attempt to pressure the Egyptian judiciary before Qasim's appeal is heard on October 7, 2023.


Regarding the European Parliament's emphasis on the importance of conducting reliable, free, and fair elections in Egypt and urging authorities to cease harassment against peaceful opposition figures, including aspiring presidential candidates, these claims lack objectivity and reveal a predisposition to issue premature judgments about the electoral process.


The National Election Authority is impartial and has ensured, through continuous monitoring, the absence of violations, bias, or harassment by those responsible for implementing the electoral procedures. Moreover, it has established a committee to address all complaints related to the presidential elections in 2024, involving various aspects of the electoral process. There is no delay or reluctance in addressing these complaints, and relevant authorities are actively involved.


Regarding the reference in the resolution to the Egyptian authorities' arrest of seventy-three members of the campaign team of potential presidential candidate Ahmed Tantawi, this statement contradicts the facts and is merely a baseless attempt to tarnish the integrity of the electoral process. Tantawi has not disclosed any of the alleged names of those arrested, allowing the investigative authorities to verify the accuracy of these claims.


The Egyptian Parliament calls on the European Parliament to focus its efforts on European affairs, where violations of human rights and freedoms are documented in various reports. Some EU member states have seen excessive actions by law enforcement towards freedom of expression and assembly, in addition to issues of racial and religious discrimination.


Furthermore, there is a clear double standard in welcoming Ukrainian refugees with open arms while dealing with refugees from the Middle East and Africa with violence and inhumane treatment.


The Egyptian Parliament reiterates its commitment to building balanced friendships with international partners, including the European Parliament. This commitment was evident through the reception of three delegations from the European Parliament in 2023. However, it is essential that these friendships are built on mutual respect and are devoid of condescension.


In conclusion, the Egyptian Parliament underscores that human rights are a humanitarian issue before they are a matter of rights. This reflects the Egyptian perspective on human rights, which seeks to keep it separate from attempts by various international parties to use it as a means to impose agendas and dictates on the will of sovereign states under the guise of protection.


This stance contradicts the sovereignty and independence of nations, and it is something that the Egyptian state rejects in its approach to this matter.




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