Egypt advances in global R&D rankings, reaching 55th place in 2023



Tue, 03 Oct 2023 - 10:27 GMT


Tue, 03 Oct 2023 - 10:27 GMT

- Headquarters of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Cairo, Egypt

- Headquarters of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Cairo, Egypt

CAIRO - 3 October 2023: In a significant climb showcasing a relentless pursuit towards scientific and technological advancement, Egypt has secured the 55th position in the global Research and Development (R&D) sub-index according to the 2023 Global Innovation Index report, amidst 132 countries evaluated.


Investment in Research Reaps RewardsSubtitle: Surge in Funding and Collaboration with Industry Underlines Progress


Particularly outstanding in the breakdown of the rankings, Egypt achieved the 42nd position regarding expenditure on R&D and held the 55th rank for researchers per million inhabitants. The nation has remarkably progressed to rank 49 in the top 3 universities in the QS ranking, a leap from the 51st position in 2022. In the context of collaboration between industries and universities in R&D, Egypt has notably ascended two places, currently standing proudly at 50th globally.


National Growth in Global Innovation IndexSubtitle: Three-Place Ascent Signifies Expansion in Intellectual Property and Innovation


Moreover, Egypt has climbed three positions from the previous year in the Global Innovation Index, now standing at rank 86 worldwide. The Global Innovation Index, issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization, is a pivotal international metric. It categorizes countries according to their innovation capabilities and significant contributing factors and institutions.


The details were highlighted in a statement from the Scientific Research Academy, which releases the monthly scientific research index and a Science and Technology Index through the Egyptian Observatory for Science, Technology, and Innovation. These indices are essential in periodically outlining the nation’s standing and progression in global scientific and technological realms.


A Steady Journey towards a Tech-Forward Nation


Egypt has been meticulously investing in its science and technology sectors, ensuring a steady climb in global rankings related to innovation and R&D. Aligning the academicians, industries, and policymakers, the country has been fostering an environment conducive to innovation, research, and development.


The pronounced emphasis on collaboration between academia and industry not only strengthens the research environment but also ensures practical applications and commercialization of developed technologies. This synergy is quintessential to translate research outcomes into tangible products and solutions, further propelling the nation towards a technologically advanced future.


Egypt makes a notable ascent in the Global Innovation Index 2023, marking significant advancements in its research and development sector. The progress signifies the country’s strategic investments and international collaboration in science, technology, and innovation.


Egypt's strides in science, technology, and innovation mark a crucial path toward a future where comprehensive, sustainable development is achievable. With a relentless pursuit of collaborative and innovative efforts, the nation sets a resilient example of how strategic investments and commitments in research and development can pave the way for a technologically robust future on the global stage.



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