Sisi: establishing national project for producing Plasma was my dream since 2012



Mon, 02 Oct 2023 - 03:07 GMT


Mon, 02 Oct 2023 - 03:07 GMT

CAIRO – 2 October 2023: Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al Sisi said that establishing a national factory for producing plasma has been his dream since 2012, that didn’t come true until 2020.

“Since i was Minister of Defense, I thought about establishing a national project to produce plasma. that was nearly since 2012, I have been trying to bring this project to light, However, the big international companies did not cooperate with us despite our strong insistence on implementing this project.” Sisi said during his participation in the events of the third day of the Story of Homeland conference.

He added that:” the same situation lasted until the COVID -19 crisis came and had its international effects and repercussions, which caused many changes in the global thinking, and we had the opportunity to establish this Plasma project”

Sisi noted that by 2026, Egypt’s Plasma factory will be operating. He also affirmed that about 8 centers for plasma derivatives had been already established, and the target is to establish 20 centers.

Regarding the presidential health initiatives Sisi said: 'our goal is not to achieve low numbers in reducing infections with specific diseases, but we aim to achieve 0% and eliminate diseases before Egyptians become infected with them because we do not want anyone to suffer'

He also affirmed that the sovereign funds that were established in Egypt played a major role, “most notably the Suez Canal Authority Fund, and many people doubted its usefulness in the beginning, and we don't talk about it much”

“Also, the Long Live Egypt Fund, which we turn to whenever we need money, and all of these funds are subject to my direct supervision”, Sisi said

The president noted during his participation that “There is a big difference between having an idea, and implementing this idea with the right with the right aspects for success”

‘Based on my experience, for the success of any new projects; 80% of any certain projects should be implemented by the government including the construction phase and then, the private sector takes management’

Sisi said that: “In 2015 a businessman came to me with an idea to establish a hospital, with a total cost might reach up to LE 4billion. Back then he had only LE 1 billion, and said that he will get the rest as donations from various parties

After a while, this certain businessman, got busy with his life and the government continued this hospital project with a total cost reached currently up to LE 6 billion and expected to raise to LE 10 billion.”

Sisi noted that the government is planning to finish this project and then sell it to the private sector for management after buying its services. As well as, Nasser Institute Hospital, “which we intend to transform into an integrated medical city.”



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