Egypt’s PM discusses Egypt’s achievement in different sectors over past 9 yrs



Sat, 30 Sep 2023 - 12:02 GMT


Sat, 30 Sep 2023 - 12:02 GMT

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly during conference

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly during conference

CAIRO - 30 September 2023: Egyptian Prime Minister presented the development Egypt accomplished in different sectors during the inauguration of the “Story of a Homeland: Between vision and achievement” conference that kicked off Saturday in Al-Massa Hotel. 

Inaugurated by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, the conference includes holding a number of round circles and plenary sessions during which a comprehensive presentation of available information is presented about the achievements and projects that have been implemented over the past years, as well as the challenges facing the country.


Development process takes years 

In his speech, Prime Minister Madbouly started by explaining the successful experience of other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and China among other developed countries, saying that their success was not achieved overnight, "it took them years."

He highlighted that these countries focused on achieving development, launching projects, investing in infrastructure, and having a strong leadership as a key to their success. 

"Some observers question when will Egypt be like the developed states, and we're almost only 9 years. They need to see these successful examples and how long it took them to be successful," he added. 

He went on saying that "We have made unprecedented achievements that have not witnessed in the country for decades," noting that Egypt has not had a complete development experience other than that of [Ottoman ruler] Muhammad Ali Pasha. 




He also said that successful developed states have invested 20-40% of its local income in infrastructure, adding: "We get criticized for spendings on projects; however, Egypt spends around L.E. 9.4 trillion on its developmental projects, which is still in the minimum limit."

According to Madbouly, a total of 34 Egyptian experts worked on our vision and the strategy for urban development.

Prime Minister presents Egypt's achievements in transport system, tourism and smart cities. He added "Our goal is to increase our income from tourism from $15 billion to $30 billion in 5 years."

 "We have the infrastructure to make Egypt a true regional center for oil and gas trading," said Madbouly, adding that the total cost of developing the electricity sector reached 1.8 trillion pounds. “Egypt will be able to produce all petroleum products as of next year.”

He went on saying that the development witnessed in Sinai during past 9 years is unprecedented.




We worked to develop decent housing for citizens, and 1.5 million housing units were built at a cost of 750 billion pounds,” he said. Madbouly also explained that the New Administrative capital aims to create a new way of government work based on creativity and innovation. 


Suez Canal

Prime Minister further described the duplication of the Suez Canal as the most important project “to transform Egypt into a true global logistics center,” where he explained that Egypt has 14 logistics zones, where the economic zone in the Suez Canal was developed and advanced in the past 9 years. 

“Our entire storage capacity did not exceed 1.2, while today we doubled it three times,” said Madbouly. He also added that Egypt became one of the top 10 countries in the world in producing certain types of fish thanks to existing fish farming projects.



Regarding the development witnessed in the educational sector, Madbouly highlighted that a total of 120,000 classrooms were built at a cost of 40 billion pounds. He also added that Egypt had 50 universities in 2014, while today the state has 96 universities. 



While regarding the health sector, Madbouly said that treatment at state expenses cost 87 billion pounds over the past 9 years. He further signaled the initiatives launched by President Sisi to enhance the sector, and “enabled the state to achieve a real breakthrough in the health sector.” 

Prime Minister Madbouly thoroughly discussed state efforts in different sectors, including social care, saying that “Egypt spent more than L.E. 203 billion on all aspects of social care.”

He also added that unemployment rate reached about 13.2 in 2014 and has decreased now to reach 7.2.



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