What is the narrative Israel tries to sell about Ashraf Marwan “The Angel”?



Mon, 11 Sep 2023 - 11:08 GMT


Mon, 11 Sep 2023 - 11:08 GMT

CAIRO – 11 September 2023: Israel has revealed new photos and reports in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of The Yom Kippur War, also known as October 1973 war.

By these photos, Israel highlights its narrative regarding Asharaf Marwan, son-in-law of late president Gamal Abdel al Nasser and secretary of information to former President Sadat, and describe him as a double agent who worked with the Israeli inelegance ‘Mossad’ until late 1970’s.

Israel’s new alleged-announcement, which coincides with 50 years since the war, is just part of a new book, ‘Mossad’ was said to publish and to include more secrets and information regarding the October war.


The book’s title was said to be inspired by a sentence said by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir to then-Mossad chief Zvi Zamir: “When the time comes to tell what you did, you and your friends will get a prize.”

Israel claims that Marwan who was known code-named “the Angel,” gave them several valuable information including the exact date of The Yom Kippur War.

According to Times of Israel, the day before the war broke out, Marwan warned Zamir that “there is a 99 percent chance that the war will start tomorrow… it will start simultaneously on both fronts, the Egyptian and the Syrian.”

Israel’s however; ignored the Angel’s so called ‘golden information’.

This is the story that was repeatedly and widely republished amid Israeli newspapers and media; although, this is not the truth.

Here is the Truth,

Marwan, was described as an Egyptian national hero by two of Egypt’s late presidents, both of Mubarak and Sadat. He received a military funeral following his mysterious death in 2007 and was wrapped with the Egyptian flag.


Everyone who knew Marwan described him as an extreme intelligent and charismatic man who served his country ‘heroically’, according to several official testimonials.


“I have no doubt at all about the patriotism of Ashraf Marwan, I knew all the details of what he was doing to serve his country” late president Mubarak said in 2007-statmnets.

“Ashraf Marwan was a loyal patriot man to his country, and carried out patriotic actions that the time had not yet come to reveal, but he was indeed an Egyptian patriot. He was not a spy at all.”

As Mubarak was talking with editors and reporters during his return trip from Accra to Cairo, after his participation in the ninth African summit in Ghana, he confirmed that what was published about Marwan and his cooperation with Israel and telling them the date 1973 war is ‘baseless.’

Late President Mubarak added that the ‘element of surprise’ in October War was one of the important elements in achieving victory, and that Israel admitted that it has been deceived and was unable to know the exact timing of the war.



Not just Egypt’s former president Mubarak affirmed that Marwan was never an Israeli spy, but son of late president Sadat, Gamal, accused Israel of killing him later because he was a direct reason, they were deceived into losing the war.

“Marwan was an Egyptian hero. He was not a spy for Israel as was claimed to be, and Israel was the one who killed him” Gamal Sadat, son of Egypt's late president, Anwar Sadat said in televised statements last October.

He explained, “they did it because he gave them wrong war timing. They need time to call up Military reserve force, and his information didn’t allow them to do so.”

“I knew him personally; he was so smart.” Gamal said. He added, “Just think about it, the husband of late president Naser daughter, and then, he working with late president Sadat, if he was really as they claimed, they would’ve known about it.”

“Israel never forgets, they did it. They killed Marwan, because he was their biggest defeat” Sadat said.

Marwan was an Egyptian billionaire who was born on February 2, 1944 in Cairo to a respected family. His grandfather was the head of the Sharia courts in Egypt. Marwan, who was the husband of Mona Abdel Nasser, the daughter of former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

In 1969, Marwan started his career as an employee in the presidential office during Abdel Nasser’s era. Then, he became the secretary of information to Sadat. After the 1973 war, Marwan became the president secretary for foreign relations.



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