‘Storm Daniel’ arrives Egypt amid warnings, leaving major losses in Libya



Mon, 11 Sep 2023 - 12:12 GMT


Mon, 11 Sep 2023 - 12:12 GMT


CAIRO – 11 September 2023: The General Authority of Meteorology warned Egyptians to be ready starting Monday for an unsettling weather condition due to the ‘storm Daniel’ coming from Libya and leaving behind nearly 25 people dead.

Despite the storm lost part of its strength, it is expected to be accompanied by rainfall of varying intensity, and dusty wind activity in areas of the north of the country. This unsettling weather expected to continue until Wednesday.

The Meteorology announced that the presence of wind activity, which may cause sand and dust, on areas of the northwestern coasts, Lower Egypt, northern Upper Egypt, and areas of Greater Cairo and the canal cities, at a speed of “approximately 32 km/h” at intermittent intervals.

The storm is expected to head to the Egyptian border, and its impact is expected to reach the west of the country including cities of: Salloum, Siwa, Matrouh and Alexandria.

During the past days, Libya declared a state of emergency due to the Mediterranean storm “Daniel,” which moved with full force into the country from the central Mediterranean, after it acquired tropical characteristics and left huge losses and major damage in Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

Pictures published and circulated on social media showed the effects of Storm Daniel on some streets in the city of Benghazi, while the state of emergency continues in the cities of eastern Libya.





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