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Tue, 05 Sep 2023 - 09:56 GMT


Tue, 05 Sep 2023 - 09:56 GMT

The Committee for Population Issues at the National Dialogue holds a session on the overpopulation problem in Egypt- press photo

The Committee for Population Issues at the National Dialogue holds a session on the overpopulation problem in Egypt- press photo

CAIRO - 5 September 2023: As the National Dialogue enters its sixth week this Tuesday, the conversation steers towards the primary sectors shaping the nation: Politics, Economy, and Society.

The overarching theme, "Shared Spaces for All," emphasizes the collaborative approach being adopted. Following the recommendations from the dialogue’s initial phase, significant economic matters are now at the forefront, awaiting discussion and presidential review.

A Six-Week Journey of the National Dialogue:

For six weeks, the National Dialogue has provided a platform for transparent discussions, addressing three critical pillars of the nation.

The first phase witnessed 44 sessions, segmented into 16 for politics, 13 for economics, and 15 focusing on societal matters.

Discussions on National Debt and Economic Growth:

The economic axis of the dialogue features prominently in this week's agenda. The Public Debt Committee is set to discuss alternatives to reduce the national debt, aiming to capitalize on both domestic and foreign borrowing benefits.

Concurrently, the Inflation and Price Rise Committee will be delving into the sources of inflation and strategies to tackle rising prices, with a goal to lessen the financial burden on citizens.

Industry Committee’s Vision: Short-Term and Mid-Term Objectives:

Shedding light on another essential topic, the Industry Committee, in its Tuesday session, will outline its objectives and provide a roadmap. The focus will be on short-term and medium-term industrial plans, covering existing industries, industries facing challenges, and emerging industry sectors.

Recap: Recommendations and Insights from Previous Sessions:

The preliminary sessions of the National Dialogue have been instrumental in shaping the way forward. During its tenure, the Dialogue's Board of Trustees finalized recommendations pertaining to the primary sectors, including issues across 13 specialized committees.

The dialogue also emphasizes the importance of continuous review and open discussions on various recommendations in different committees, ensuring that upcoming sessions further refine these insights.

In conclusion, the National Dialogue remains a pivotal avenue to voice concerns, suggest solutions, and collaborate towards a prosperous nation, with economic issues receiving much-needed attention in the current phase.




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