Egyptian Cabinet issues report on progress rate of railways development



Sun, 06 Aug 2023 - 11:01 GMT


Sun, 06 Aug 2023 - 11:01 GMT

FILE - Talgo train

FILE - Talgo train

CAIRO – 6 August 2023: The Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) issued Sunday a report on what has been accomplished of the plan set to develop railways in Egypt.  


The start is with train engines as 130 out of 260 planned new units entered service. Also, 61 out of 400 designated train engines have been rehabilitated. That is half the number of engines Egypt possesses. Further, five out of six Talgo trains began operation, while 770 out of 1,350 new railcars have been supplied.


A contract worth €1 billion was signed with Transmashholding to supply 1,300 railcars. Those include 500 dynamic-ventilation third-class units, 500 air-conditioned third-class units, 180 air-conditioned second-class units, 90 air-conditioned first-class units, and 30 air-conditioned cabooses. The deal was a must given that only 2,200 passenger railcars out of 3,200 were functional.


As the plan equally includes the development of the freight fleet, 133 new well cars were supplied.


Speaking of railroads, 653 of those were overhauled, and 857 kilometers were renovated. Also, some railroads are being transferred into railway bridges.

Renovations extended to 1,727 railroad switch and lock keys, signaling systems, and 364 train stations. In addition, the upgrade of 60 stations in the countryside is in-progress within Decent Life initiative.


The works include installing automatic ticket gates and automated ticket vending machines (ATVM), and most importantly, making the stations more accommodating to passengers with disabilities. That is by introducing club cars, special tracks and ticket windows, as well as wheelchairs for the elderly.


The ministry has also been delivering training to railway workers, and modernizing the railway workshops of Kom Abou Rady, Abou Zaabal, and Al Farz.



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