June 30 Revolution was declaration that 'homeland's identity is authentic Egyptian': President Sisi



Fri, 30 Jun 2023 - 11:22 GMT


Fri, 30 Jun 2023 - 11:22 GMT

CAIRO – 30 June 2023: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi delivered Friday a speech on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of June 30 Revolution that overthrew the regime of the outlawed Muslim Bortherhood.  


The president greeted the Egyptian people saying, "History consists of days that are bright as stars…They erase the darkness of tyranny…They light the road of walkers and leads them to the right path…On top of those eternal days is June 30, 2013 when the great people of Egypt stood up, rebelling against those who wanted to hijack their homeland; rejecting injustice, sectarianism, and despotism; and declaring in a loud voice that 'the identity of the homeland is authentic Egyptian, and cannot be hijacked or replaced.'"


The president added, "On that day, the people announced that Egypt was for Egyptians, independent in its decision-making, and did not follow anything but the willpower of its people and its higher interests. June 30 was the title of reiterating the homeland's unity under its Egyptian identity that united but did not divide, and that is inclusive of the entire people without discrimination or divisiveness."


"The resilience you showed over the past ten years, since the magnificent June 30 Revolution, will always remain a subject of study among intellects and researchers. A plenty of questions were raised on the secret of the distinct relationship between the Egyptian people and its state institutions, and between the people and its Armed Forces. Many never understood the source of the strong willpower and unbending determination that transformed Egypt - in a few years - from a country that was facing a dangerous divisiveness and risk of civil war into a united country. (A country) whose people enjoy precious security and stability paid for by heroes belonging to that same nation. (Those heroes) were part of the Armed Forces and Police, who stood in the face of a terrorism wave that was the most severe and ferocious. Those men gave up their souls for the homeland to live and prosper," President Sisi noted.


The chief of state pointed out that "the size of challenges overcome by the Egyptian people since 2011 implanted in the souls of its members a unique solidity of character, and an exceptional strength. (The Egyptian people) lived and tasted the meaning of a loss-of-homeland threat, fear about family and children, and risk of losing income and property. That is why, I have a firm belief that this generation of the Egyptian people is the most capable of bearing the responsibility of building the homeland and a modern advanced state."


"I believe that this generation which, by its effort and patience, transferred Egypt from chaos and worry into stability and security, is able to conclude its comprehensive developmental experience that is going forward in a fast pace and reaching every inch of the homeland. It starts from infrastructure, roads, transport and trade, which experience a real revolution that qualifies Egypt to be among developed states, and stretches to the (sectors) of electric power, oil and gas, renewable and green energy, land reclamation spanning over surface areas that are unprecedented, as well as healthcare and education. The last two are our priority by eliminating diseases that had long hurt Egyptians, establishing modern schools and universities, and localizing contemporary sciences in Egypt. That is coupled with developing unsafe and unplanned areas, saving millions of our people from a reality that neither fits them nor Egypt. In addition, modern new cities are being introduced nationwide to resolve the population density problem, and enhance the quality of life of Egyptians. Further, (Egypt) has set out on the road of advanced manufacturing, telecommunications, information technology, and digital transformation," President Sisi underscored.


"In the 10th anniversary of the great June 30 Revolution, I renew my pledge that my loyalty and commitment would only be to Egypt. I renew my pledge that the national interest, and national identity will always be the signposts that guide the journey and pathway. I tell you that the magnitude of sacrifices provided by the Egyptian people, as well as its state institutions, should only culminate in victory, God willing," the president stipulated.  


"Victory is going forward vigorously and confidently on the road of development and reconstruction, on the road of improving the conditions and lives of people, as well as creating the circumstances suitable to releasing the energies of work and creativity of the Egyptian people. That shall include all its segments and categories, ranging from the private sector and civil society to youth and women. All elements of the homeland shall come together - within an integrated system – to lead our beloved country into achieving the dream – Egyptians have always had - of progress and elevating the homeland to a higher status. That is the dream of a new modern republic that is developed in all fields," President Sisi elaborated.


The head of state concluded by wishing Egypt and its people well-being, peace, and safety, repeating three times "Long Live Egypt."



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