Learn about suggestions of National Dialogue over minors' money and property



Sun, 21 May 2023 - 10:09 GMT


Sun, 21 May 2023 - 10:09 GMT

Part of National Dialogue session over minors' money, national identity

Part of National Dialogue session over minors' money, national identity

CAIRO - 21 May 2023: The first discussion sessions of the societal axis of the National Dialogue kicked off on May 18, with the presence of various currents and political prominent figures as they discussed several of issues including guardianship over minors' money and property.

During the session, several suggestions were heard including amending laws and establishing legal body affiliated with the cabinet to supervise minors' money.

Some participants stressed the importance of ‘the Family’ and its fundamental role in the society.

They said that minor’s guardianship should be passed to the mother directly, after the father’s death along with the educational guardianship as well with the existence of supervision.

They proposed the creation of a public body affiliated with the cabinet that would be responsible of the minors’ funds investment in addition to allocating about 20 % of the amount for emergency treatment.

A number of participants proposed the establishment of a criminal court competent to consider the squandering of funds of minors and issues related to the guardianship of funds, while ensuring mechanisms that allow the quick repayment of funds in accordance with needs.

They proposed separating the accounting boards from the courts and applying a digital transformation system to facilitate the procedures for disbursing funds.

Regarding the child with special needs, the participants suggested some ideas to find out who is responsible for him in terms of education, treatment and other things and to demand the existence of facilities for their situation.

The participants called for the speedy issuance of the new draft Personal Status Law, which was confirmed by the president of the Republic, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, expressing the necessity and inevitability of addressing many problems related to the strength and cohesion of the family.

In the race itself, some participants focused on the compatibility of Islamic law with the rights of orphans and the preservation of their money.

The participants concluded the session by affirming respect for the Egyptian constitution and all monotheistic religions that aim to preserve humanity and the rights of the weak, no matter who they are.





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