Tourism Ministry denies rainwater effect on Ramses II statue at Grand Egyptian Museum



Thu, 13 Apr 2023 - 01:35 GMT


Thu, 13 Apr 2023 - 01:35 GMT

CAIRO – 13 April 2023: The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities denied on Thursday the rumors that have been circulating on social media claiming that some exhibited pieces at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) had been affected by rainwater.


The rumors specified the Ramses II statue located in the museum's main hall. On that front, the statement pointed out that rain does not compose a danger, and that the design takes into consideration handling rainwater.


The ministry explained that rainfall is normal, given the structure of the museum consisting of an outdoor area. For that reason, the main hall - among other sections of the museum – is equipped with a drainage system that inhibits any damages.


The museum began in March receiving a limited number of visitors in order to assess their experience. The visits included the front yard, and the main hall housing massive statues.


When inaugurated, GEM will be the world's largest museum to display artifacts belonging to the same civilization, as its collection amounts to 100,000 pieces. The number of visitors expected is 15,000 per day and five million per annum. 



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