Egypt affirms commitment to human rights-related obligations at high-level segment of UNHRC’s 52nd session



Thu, 02 Mar 2023 - 03:49 GMT


Thu, 02 Mar 2023 - 03:49 GMT

CAIRO – 2 March 2023: Egypt has affirmed its commitment to fulfill its international obligations related to human rights during the high-level segment of the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

In a speech on Wednesday, Assistant Foreign Minister for Human Rights in Egypt Ambassador Khaled El-Bakly stressed that human rights enhancement is a “cumulative process in which no country has reached perfection”.

He added that Egypt’s vision on human rights is based on a number of main principles, on top of which is that all types of rights and freedoms are inseparable from each other, highlighting the strong relation between democracy and human rights.

Bakly affirmed the importance of achieving balance between rights and duties and between the rights of the individuals and their society.

The protection of human rights and freedoms is achieved by legislations, public policies, training, and education, as well as the efforts made by the national institutions and mechanisms to implement these policies, Bakly said.

Bakly shed light on Egypt’s efforts to enhance human rights, including through the launch of the National Strategy for Human Rights in 2021 and the formulation of social protection programmes Takaful w Karama (Solidarity & Dignity) and Hayah Karima (Decent Life).

He also highlighted Egypt’s efforts to promote the rights of women and the marginalized groups, including the elderly and people with disabilities as well as efforts of enhancing human rights amid global challenges, including climate change.

Egypt also addressed on Tuesday a meeting of the UNHRC concerned with monitoring compliance of state parties with the International Covenant on Civilian and Political Rights.

Despite challenges, Egypt has made great strides over the past eight years to build a modern civilian state that embraces its people, protects their rights, grows their economy, and achieves their security, Minister of Justice Omar Marwan said during the meeting.

Such modern state would also confront terrorism that targets the stability of the nation and the Egyptians’ ability to enjoy their various rights, Marwan said as

Egypt has been working on building a fully integrated system for promoting human rights for the past eight years, Marwan said.



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