Six Egyptians detained in Libya released, Foreign Ministry



Sat, 18 Feb 2023 - 04:04 GMT


Sat, 18 Feb 2023 - 04:04 GMT

CAIRO – 17 February 2023: Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zaid announced that the six Egyptian citizens, who were held in Libya, have been released according to the information received from the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli.

On his Twitter account, the spokesman said the Foreign Ministry is following the safe return of the six Egyptians to homeland.

Earlier on Friday, Foreign Ministry said it is following closely all updates regarding, the status of six Egyptians who have been detained at an illegal migration center in western Libya that is not under the control of the Libyan authorities.

The Ministry said the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli has contacted the authorities concerned in Libya to intervene to release the six Egyptians.

The consular sector at the Foreign Ministry has received families of the detained nationals more than once over the past few days to follow up on their condition; in light of the high priority given by the ministry to Egyptian expats, the statement said.

The statement noted that the six travelled to Libya with visas allowing them only to stay in east of the country.




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