Sisi says economic conditions part of global crises, not result of national projects



Mon, 23 Jan 2023 - 03:02 GMT


Mon, 23 Jan 2023 - 03:02 GMT

CAIRO – 23 January 2023: Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al Sisi denied on Monday all rumors that claimed that the harsh economic conditions the country is facing is a result of miscalculation or wasting the state’s money in an uneeded projects.

During attending the 71st celebration of the Egyptian police day anniversary at the police Academy, Sisi said that “since the beginning of the economic crises that resulted due Covid-19 and the Russian-Ukrainian war we were keen not make citizens bear heavy burdens. Despite this, I know that the crisis has greatly affected Egyptians, especially those with limited incomes who are in a daily crisis to provide for the needs of their families in the face of rising prices, and we affirm that we will always stand by them.”

“We must confront the rumors that say that the current economic conditions in the country are the result of the state's economic approach and national projects, and not the global economic crisis” Sisi added

The President gave examples for developing the Suez Canal along with the Energy and transportation sectors saying: “it was not possible for the Suez Canal -as an example- not to be developed during the past period to raise its revenues, or not to develop the energy infrastructure projects or road and transportation networks especially with the increasing population.”

Sisi stressed that: “we worked in all sectors equally at one time, we didn't miscalculate something and did not develop sectors that did not need much effort over the past seven years.”

He also noted that: “what happened was a very heavy burden, and if we had started it during the coming period, it would have cost twice what we spent. The energy infrastructure also for example needed to be developed and we needed to build more stations.”

“Everything that happened has scientific justifications and motives, otherwise there would have been a severe failure towards the future” Sisi confirmed.

The president also highlighted the investment the country have done during the past period in such huge national initiative to develop the life standers of Egyptians especially in the countryside saying: “Decent life initiative, we expected it to end within three years, and we allocated a large amount of money for it, but when we faced reality, we found that it would take longer and cost much more money, and it was not possible to leave the Egyptians without the development they needed.”

Regarding eliminating terrorism in Egypt, Sisi affirmed that the country came close to completely eliminating terrorism, and said that special celebration will be held.

“We will celebrate this, not in Cairo, but in Arish, Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid to emphasize the ability of the Egyptian state to control and secure its lands” Sisi said.

He noted that: “We are part of the world and are not separated from it. Several neighboring countries who have suffered from terrorism, are still facing terrorism, which they have had for nearly 20 and 30 years. As for Egypt, it has been able to eliminate it completely.”

Sisi confirmed that all national projects done by the government aim to establish the necessary and needed infrastructure to improve the living conditions of citizens.

“Achieving hopes requires patience, strength and strong spirit of challenge to overcome the global economic crisis” Sisi said, adding that “we are in a race against time to deal with the repercussions of the increasing population growth.”

President Sisi also greeted in his speech policemen, martyrs and their families on the occasion of Egyptian police day and honored number of them during the celebration.

Sisi arrived on Monday at the headquarters of the Police Academy, to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the Egyptian Police Day.

He was welcomed upon arrival by Interior Minister Mahmoud Tawfiq as he laid a wreath at the Memorial of Police Martyrs.



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