Photos: Eastern Alexandria hit by heavy rain; rainwater pools being removed



Fri, 13 Jan 2023 - 09:07 GMT


Fri, 13 Jan 2023 - 09:07 GMT

CAIRO – 13 January 2023: Heavy rain has continued to hit eastern Alexandria in northern Egypt since last evening with authorities working to remove rainwater pools from streets.

Alexandria is currently witnessing the annual Greater Faida Storm, which is known for heavy rains and runs for around a week starting 13 January.

Since five in the evening, the rain has returned to the various regions of Alexandria and heavy rains hit the regions of Al-Amriya, Al-Gomrok, and Al-Montazah.



Mahmoud Nafea, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater in Alexandria, confirmed the state’s level of readiness has been boosted since yesterday evening, immediately after receiving warnings from the Egyptian Meteorological Authority.

The EMA has warned of the start of a low-pressure area companies with moderate rain that becomes heavy at many times.

Nafea stressed the continuation of clean-up work for the storm drains around the clock.

He pointed out that several pools of rainwater are expected if the heavy rain continues for the next several hours.

Nafea, however, reassured the citizens of the presence of emergency teams, the stationing of 150 vehicles and equipment to remove rainwater around the clock.

Governor of Alexandria Mohamed El-Sherif announced continued maximum level of preparedness and emergency in the governorate to deal with unprecedented amounts of rain and the warnings of the EMA.

He affirmed that the EMA warnings indicate that the governorate is exposed to a wave of bad weather and the fall of moderate rains that are sometimes thundery.

The governor added that a set of recommendations and warnings were circulated to citizens to ensure their safety and security, foremost of which is the need to exercise caution and stay away from any trees or advertising signs, and lighting poles.

He also urged citizens to help rainwater suction vehicles to move easily and smoothly, avoid driving at high speeds, and maintain a safe distance between cars.




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