Shedding light on development achieved in Sohag Governorate during past 8 years



Wed, 04 Jan 2023 - 10:02 GMT


Wed, 04 Jan 2023 - 10:02 GMT

CAIRO – 4 January 2023: During the past eight years, up to 415 national projects have been implemented at Sohag Governorate at different sectors including education, Housing and construction, Agriculture, industry, pourtly, Infrastructure and roads, tourism, health, roads and transportation, in addition to the projects that have been implemented as part of the Decent Life Initiative in the various cities of the governorate.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al Sisi is expected to inaugurate several national projects on Thursday at Sohag Governorate of which have been undergoing since 2014 as part of upper Egypt development.

Among the national projects that will be inaugurated is the social housing project in the new city of Sohag, which consists of 6,720 housing units, at a cost of LE 739 million.

The new Sohag city is located on an area of 30,351.01 acres within the territory of Sohag Governorate, as it’s expected to contain a number of national projects within the framework of achieving targeted development and serving citizens in Upper Egypt.

At the education sector, many primary and languages, schools have been established in various villages in the governorate of Sohag, including; Sohag State Language School in Nagaa Matroud, Hamlaj Girga Technical School for Girls, the Adult Education Center in Al-Alsun Sohag, as well as the New Sohag University.

Also the agricultural sector is considered to be one of the important economic pillars for the people of Sohag, as high-quality seeds were provided to farmers for developing their crops.

A site on an area of 5 acres has been allocated in Al-Kawthar district for the establishment of a “sifting and seed production station” under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, which is the first of its kind in Sohag, to contribute to the provision of various high-quality seeds to farmers.

Also, the Tahta Silo was established in Sohag Governorate, with a capacity of 60,000 tons, with the aim of preserving strategic stock of wheat at a cost of LE 5.56 million.

And within the goal of lining 123 canals with a length of 90 linear kilometers in Sohag Governorate, at a cost of approximately one billion, more than 21 canals with a length of 335 km, were lined.

Work is still under way for lining and rehabilitating the remaining stages of the project.

Industry in Sohag

Egypt’s government have paid attention to the industrial sector in Upper Egypt during the past 8 years In Sohag.

At a cost of LE 858 million and on an area of 65 acres, the Small Industries Complex in West Gerga was established and fully equipped with all needed units.

A number of factories and production lines were established in the industrial zone in Al-Kawthar neighborhood in Sohag governorate, including Universal Factory for the manufacture of micro cartons and paper products, which provides 40 job opportunities for young people.

Also, Amoun Industrial Gases Factory, was established in the governorate which produces oxygen and nitrogen gas, and feeds lines of Upper Egypt governorates.

A new production line at Al-Ahram Plastic Factory was established, which will increase the factory’s production capacity, and provide about 400 job opportunities.

A cement factory was implemented in Sohag as one of the giant investment projects in the governorate with investments cost up to LE 5.5 billion.

And in the health sector, several many health buildings in Sohag governorate have been established, constructed and renovated, including the new CT scan unit at Fever Hospital Sohag, and Bardis Hospital, at Al-Balina Center.

The dialysis unit and the department of cardiothoracic surgery at Sohag University Hospital were also developed.

Sohag governorate, had a large share of projects, regarding the development of roads and bridges with a cost of 5 billion and 791 million and 233 thousand pounds.

Among the most prominent projects is the Girga axis by the Nile, one of the development arteries in Upper Egypt, with a length of 10 km.

And one of the most prominent projects was the Al-Balina flyover bridge, at a cost of LE 257 million, linking the Cairo-Aswan Road.

In the field of tourism, Sohag’s archaeological areas were developed at a cost of 14 million and 768 thousand pounds, including the development of Marsa Nasser at a cost of LE 468 thousand.

And as part of Haya Karima presidential initiative, a total cost of LE60 billion projects took place in different centers and villages of Sohag, targeting about 65% of the population in the governorate.

New Sohag City

The new city of Sohag, has witnessed a development leap over the past few years in various fields.

The city was transformed from a poor desert into a residential city with integrated facilities which includes all basic and recreational services.

The new city is one of the third-generation cities of the New Urban Communities Authority, characterized by a strategic location as it is considered the western gate of Sohag Governorate.

The city is also considered at the heart of governorate, linking most of its roads.

The city is 14 km long to the western desert "Cairo - Aswan" and was established upon presidential Decree No. 196 of 2000.

It is targeted that the size of population of the city will reach 820,000 people by 2050 on a total area of 29,000 acres.

The total volume of investments in New Sohag city reaches LE 1.3 billion pounds, divided as follows: “Housing sector: LE 1.1 billion, Services sector: LE 7.234 million, Utilities sector: LE 7.1 billion and the agricultural sectoral 1.26 million.”

Egypt’s government has succeeded, in pumping large investments related to the infrastructure sectors in Upper Egypt during the past 8 years to meet urgent needs of citizens, raising the level of services especially in sanitation and drinking water sector, and raising the efficiency of local roads, and the establishment of many service facilities, with total investments of LE 3.16 billion and 4119 completed and ongoing projects.

Up to 387 projects have been completed in Upper Egypt in the infrastructure sector.

The government has also expanded in establishing several New cities in Upper Egypt such as the new city of Luxor and new Thebes, along with other fourth-generation cities that will achieve huge development in Upper Egypt.




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