VIDEO: Sisi stops his car, chats with elderly woman, directs achieving all her needs



Mon, 26 Dec 2022 - 01:11 GMT


Mon, 26 Dec 2022 - 01:11 GMT

CAIRO – 26 December 2022: Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El Sisi stopped his car, Monday after noticing an elderly woman sitting on the sidewalk, as chatted with her, and directed achieving all of her needs and demands.

The elderly woman expressed her happiness seeing and chatting with him, saying that she is praying for him and for all the efforts he makes.

Sisi inaugurated two new factories at Abu Rawash, Giza Monday, as he affirmed that the state is keen to achieve full self-production of all materials that cannot be dispensed.

He added that Egypt’s previous production of medical gases, was sufficient for the domestic consumption, however, “due to the COVID and the Ukrainian-Russian war repercussions during the past 3 years, we had to more take steps and prepare for challenges that might face us”

President Sisi shed light on the importance of establishing national projects to achieve self-sufficiency in many important industries, such as chlorine and soda, which are imported annually at billions of dollars.


“We know that prices have become burden on people, but we can't do anything more than what we already doing. This is the right time when we must all come together for the favor of people and do not raise prices, especially with regard to food and drink goods” Sisi said,

He noted that establishing factories for the production of Baking Soda cannot be postponed, as the state imports annually a total cost of $300 million of soda.

He affirmed that he is being completely honest with Egyptians since assuming office and discussing everything with them so they would be able to know the complete truth regarding the economic situation in their country.

He also noted to the recent raised controversy establishing the Suez Canal Authority fund which was approved in principle by the parliament last week.

“The government had to establish this fund to provide a specialized source for the canal of which enables it to participate in projects or spend more on development without the need to turn to the ministry of finance” Sisi said



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