Taliban’s ban on women’s university studies contradicts with Sharia: Egypt’s Al-Azhar imam



Fri, 23 Dec 2022 - 08:55 GMT


Fri, 23 Dec 2022 - 08:55 GMT

CAIRO – 23 December 2022: Egypt’s Al-Azhar deeply regrets the Taliban’s decision to ban Afghan women from university studies, which contradicts with the Islamic Sharia, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed El-Tayeb said on Thursday.

In a statement, Tayeb said the ban imposed by the Taliban on women’s university studies contradicts with the Islamic Sharia’s call for men and women to seek education “from cradle to grave”.

Tayeb shed light on more than two thousand quotes by Prophet Mohammad in this regard and the many pioneering Muslim women in the fields of science, education, and politics.

“This shocking decision to the consciences of Muslims and non-Muslims should not have been issued by any Muslim,” the grand imam said.

Tayeb called on those in power in Afghanistan to review the decision, remining them of the Day of Resurrection, when money, prestige, and politics would not help.

Earlier this week, the Taliban announced banning women from university in Afghanistan, triggering global condemnation and disappointment.

The Taliban’s Minister of Higher Education Neda Mohammad Nadeem said the ban came as women have not abided by the dress code and as some school subjects were not suitable for them.



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