Egypt includes biodiversity in COP 27 agenda for 1st time in summit's history: environment minister



Thu, 17 Nov 2022 - 12:08 GMT


Thu, 17 Nov 2022 - 12:08 GMT

FILE - Minister of Environment Yasmin Fouad

FILE - Minister of Environment Yasmin Fouad

CAIRO – 17 November 2022: Minister of Environment Yasmin Fouad stated in a phone-in Wednesday that Egypt had included biodiversity in the COP 27 agenda – for the first time – as it is necessary to mitigate climate change through natural ways.


The minister added that Egypt – COP 27 president - would continue to observe the implementation of climate pledges until the UAE assumed the summit's presidency late in 2023.


Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad said Sunday that the international climate summit, COP27, in Sharm el Sheikh has so far reflected a “different” image of Egypt and its ability to organize such big world events.

The conference in the Egyptian Red Sea resort city has played a role in encouraging travel to Egypt, with thousands taking part in the big event, Fouad said in statements to MENA on the sidelines of the international climate summit.

She talked about how Sharm el Sheikh turned into a green city with many projects to be implemented, thus securing future jobs for youth in the coming stage.

Pavilions organized in the blue and green zones of the Sharm el Sheikh conference are double the number organized during previous gatherings since 2015, said a proud Fouad.

Asked about a 100-billion-dollar adaptation assistance from developed countries to developing nations, the minister said that pledge is yet to be honored, noting, however, that it would not be enough to solve the problem.

Developing countries need between 140 and 300 billion dollars in climate finance until 2030, Fouad said, adding that double that sum – between 280 and 500 billion dollars, would be needed until 2050.



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