Listicle: On Gender Day celebrated at COP27, Egypt prides itself on leaps in women's empowerment



Mon, 14 Nov 2022 - 12:33 GMT


Mon, 14 Nov 2022 - 12:33 GMT

COP27 and women - Gender Day statement illustration

COP27 and women - Gender Day statement illustration


CAIRO – 14 November 2022: On Gender Day celebrated at COP27, Egypt released a statement priding itself on leaps in the field of women’s rights. Here are the key points:

1 – Four women ministers:

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, minister of environment, Dr. Hala el-Said, minister of planning and economic development. Dr. Rania El-Mashat, minister of international cooperation, Dr. Nevine El-Kabbag, Minister of Social Solidarity

2 – Two women young leaders to the climate change agenda

Eng. Sarah El-Batouty, UNFCCC Global Ambassador, Dr. Omnia El-Omrany, COP27 Presidency Youth Envoy

3 – Decent Life Program

it is the largest development program in Egypt and the world (in terms of funding and targets), in which women and their needs are one of the main pillars. it also takes into account environmental dimensions and sustainability criteria and targets. It benefits 58 million citizens, half of whom are female.

4 – The National Egyptian Family Development Program

it aims at improving the quality of life of the Egyptian citizens and families in more than 20 governorates.

5 - Egyptian Women's Health Presidential Initiative

It has reached 23 million women citizens. It targets providing free medical checkups and breast screening as a preventive mechanism for women.

6 - The National Initiative for Green Smart Projects in all 27 governorates of Egypt with a dedicated women component. It is an incentive to all projects that provide local innovative solutions for climate change. More than 340 projects were submitted for the women category of the initiative.

7 - Noura and Dawwie: initiatives for girls

These are capacity building initiatives on topics such as health, education, protection from violence, and leadership.

8 - Egypt's global vision on women, environment, and climate change:

Promote gender sensitive perspectives within adaptation, mitigation, and responses. Strengthen Women’s Voice and their Meaningful Participation in environmental governance. Leverage opportunities for women within the just transition to the green economy and green consumption habits and within blue economy in the context of achieving sustainable development. Tackle differential health and social implications of environmental issues on women. Promote Educational and Behavioral Change on women and climate change. Apply women-specific perspectives in financing for climate action. Promote knowledge, data generation and analysis on women and climate change.





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