Egyptian government responds to hundreds of medical emergencies in 1 month



Fri, 04 Nov 2022 - 03:15 GMT


Fri, 04 Nov 2022 - 03:15 GMT

CAIRO – 4 November 2022: The Higher Medical and Emergency Committee indicated in a statement Friday that the number of medical emergencies it responded to in October, and that were brought up on social media, had hit 548.


The number of patients, who needed long-term treatment and who were granted one that is fully state-funded, amounted to 186. Also, medications were provided free of charge to 56 others.


Assistive devices were granted to 13 patients, medical treatment was provided to 98 cancer patients, and bone marrow was transplanted into 37 patients. That is in addition to carrying 125 surgeries. All those medical procedures were conducted for free at public hospitals.


In a similar context, the Ministry of Health and Population announced in June that the number of expedite surgeries carried out for patients on waiting lists had amounted to 1.3 million since the launching of the presidential initiative in 2018. 


The surgeries included in the initiative are kidney transplant, liver transplant, cochlear transplant, tumors, cardiac catheters, brain catheters, and others pertaining to heart, bones, eyes, brain and nerves.


Earlier in 2022, three new specialties were added, and those are surgeries of chest, congenital defects in children, and bone marrow transplantation.


The initiative was made possible through assigning some surgeries to hospitals that are not affiliated to the ministry, and that signed up to take part in the move. Those include hospitals affiliated with the Police, the Egyptian Armed Forces, NGOs, the International Medical Center, Wadi Al Nile Hospital, and specialized hospitals. Further, hospitals, that get renovated within the process of being made ready to join the universal health insurance, become part of the initiative.  



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