Adviser to president for health affairs says no cholera cases in Egypt



Wed, 02 Nov 2022 - 08:17 GMT


Wed, 02 Nov 2022 - 08:17 GMT


CAIRO – 2 November 2022:  Egypt’s Adviser to the President for Health Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din denied on Wednesday the existence of any cholera infection in Egypt.

He added in televised statements that the cholera disease exists in several counties all over the world including some countries in the Middle East, however, not in Egypt.

Taj El-Din added, that cholera is a dangerous disease that leads to intestinal flu and severe diarrhea. He pointing out that the causes of infection are contamination of water and unclean food.

Taj El-Din emphasized general cleanliness of water and food; In order to preserve human health.

He explained that the cholera vaccine is not needed in Egypt, while countries affected by this disease need it, pointing out that cholera is among the observed diseases that come as a result of climate imbalance.

On October 24, Egypt’s Ministry of health issued guideline to the hospitals and various health sectors with instructions to deal with cholera cases if they were discovered.

 It stated that this guideline comes “as a precautionary step after discovering cholera cases in neighboring countries during the last period along with warnings from the World Health Organization”

The guideline directs to immediately isolate the discovered or suspected case of cholera, in addition to immediate notification of the suspected case to the authorities.

It was indicated to the need to take samples from suspected cases, with follow-up of those in contact with the suspected and confirmed case for 5 days.

The Ministry of Health has warned of the need to raise health awareness in all hospitals dealing with the suspected or confirmed case of cholera cases according to the newly issued guide.

Cholera is making a comeback in Lebanon as approximately 18 cases were already confirmed in the country as of Oct. 10, just days after the first case was detected, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Lebanese Ministry of Health.

Cholera causes acute diarrhea caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with Vibrio cholerae present in feces, but it can also be asymptomatic.

“Cholera transmission is closely linked to inadequate access to clean water and sanitation facilities. Typical at-risk areas include peri-urban slums, and camps for internally displaced persons or refugees,” according to the WHO.





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