Sisi: Renewal of Yemen truce necessary to pave way for permanent ceasefire, political settlement



Wed, 02 Nov 2022 - 04:48 GMT


Wed, 02 Nov 2022 - 04:48 GMT

CAIRO – 2 November 2022: Egypt’s President has affirmed the need to renew truce in Yemen in a way that paves the way for reaching a permanent ceasefire as well as a political settlement in the Arab country.

Sisi made the remarks in a meeting on Wednesday with Chairman of Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council Rashad Al-Alimi on the sidelines of the 31st Arab League summit in Algeria.

During the meeting, Sisi affirmed Egypt’s readiness to support security and stability in Egypt, which are of a great importance to the Egyptian national security.

Sisi added that this comes within the context of the security of the Arab and Red Sea regions, which requires the renewal of the truce in Yemen.

The president affirmed that the truce in Yemen would ensure the unity and territorial integrity in Yemen and meet the Yemeni people’s aspirations.

Sisi delivered a speech on Wednesday at the Arab League summit, during which he echoed the hopes of the Arab people for a united bloc that can face political and economic challenges.

The Arab League Summit is an opportunity to summon Arab nationalism and the history of cooperation amid consecutive regional and global challenges, Sisi said during his speech.

Arab nations need to adopt an approach that both entrenches the concept of Arab nationalism and the concept of a national state of strong institutions, he continued. 

Sisi elaborated that a national state is one that respects citizenship, human rights, and tolerance. Meanwhile, terrorist organizations and armed militias must be eliminated and any attempts to give them power or use them to give a foreign country power inside the Arab world must be prevented.

At the same time, uniting Arab ranks would guarantee sound relations with regional countries, and an Arab integration of various capabilities would establish a strong wall in the face of regional and international crises, including the crises of food and energy, Sisi said.

Such integration would also protect Arabs from international polarization, which has impacted the outlook on Arab crises and is reminiscent of a historic era in which the entire world suffered, Sisi emphasized.



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