Public Prosecution investigates fire at Minya's Anba Bishoy Church



Tue, 16 Aug 2022 - 11:01 GMT


Tue, 16 Aug 2022 - 11:01 GMT

CAIRO – 16 August 2022: The Public Prosecution has launched an investigation into a fire which erupted at the Church of Anba Bishoy in Minya, Upper Egypt, Tuesday.

According to a statement it released this evening nobody was harmed in the fire which broke out at a hall in the church.

The Public Prosecution noted that a team of investigators immediately moved to the site to examine the debris and question eyewitnesses.

A team of engineers has been dispatched to the fire scene to examine the structure of the hall and assess the damage.

Two days after a deadly fire in Giza's Imbaba neighborhood, firefighting forces extinguished Tuesday a fire that broke out in the ground floor of Bishop Beshoy Church in Menya governorate situated in Upper Egypt.

The police said that the fire is caused by an electricity problem, and that it incurred no injuries. That is because it occurred in a hall that was closed and unused.

A fire broke out at Abo Sefein Church in Imbaba neighborhood in Giza Governorate on Sunday, resulting in 41 deaths and 16 injuries.

Four fire trucks rushed to the scene to put out the blaze, and police cordoned off the place.

 Firefighters carried out cooling operations to make sure that the fire would not erupt again given high temperature and the presence of large quantities of wood inside the church.




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