In pics: Why tourists prefer night safari trips in Marsa Alam desert



Thu, 04 Aug 2022 - 12:22 GMT


Thu, 04 Aug 2022 - 12:22 GMT

Tourists prefer night safari trips in Marsa Alam desert - file

Tourists prefer night safari trips in Marsa Alam desert - file

CAIRO – 4 August 2022: One of the practices that tourists love to do in Marsa Alam city are night safari trips.


Such trips are organized in the southern desert areas of the Red Sea governorate, specifically in Marsa Alam.  


Mountain safari trips begin before sunset in different areas in Marsa Alam, including Wadi Al-Gamal, which is accepted by many in the summer to enjoy the summer weather, away from the very hot day, where the trips start upon arrival, where they set camps, light fires and prepare food.





Wael Abu Issa, one of the organizers of the mountain safari trips, in Marsa Alam city, said that mountain trips have several types, including regular trips that start in the morning and know their itinerary, and are carried out by many tourism companies and tour operators.


There are also special trips, where tourists look to learn something, most of them are interested in geology, while others in nature; they always take safari trips to certain areas, for example, to learn about rock formations, and others for natural sciences, and those trips are private trips.


Night or sunset safaris are very different from those trips, as many foreign tourists go to see the stars from the heart of the desert, and describe them as calm and serene. Most of the tourists who like these trips are Europeans.





After preparing the camps for foods, tourists prefer to climb the mountains, and walk on foot in the heart of the desert for long distances, in an attempt to discover or watch wild animals such as the Egyptian gazelle or the roe ram.


Mountain safari trips are considered a basic trip in the schedule of the tourist program in Marsa Alam, to see and witness the nature and tranquility.


Marsa Alam International Airport receives, during the current week 122 international flights, arriving from 12 European countries, and procedures for their arrival are facilitated to send them to various hotels and tourist resorts in Marsa Alam to spend their vacation.



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