25K-30K participants expected at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh: Environment Minister Yasmin Fouad



Mon, 25 Jul 2022 - 12:39 GMT


Mon, 25 Jul 2022 - 12:39 GMT

CAIRO -25 July 2022: Environment Minister Yasmin Fouad said that registration for participation in the COP27 summit has been opened since June 24, and that the number of attendees is expected to vary between 25K-30K participants.

She added that there is high demanding in the requests and registrations to attend COP27 and that hotels at Sharm El Sheikh are prepared to welcome all guests and participating delegations.

Fouad explained in televised statements that the importance of holding COP27 summit in Egypt coincides with the recovery from the Corona pandemic and the growing of the Egyptian-African role since 2015.

“Egypt has become a major player in an issue that represents a life issue in all countries.” The environment minister said.

She also noted that COP27 is an opportunity for Egypt to present its experience as part of the transformation that the country is undergoing in the fields of renewable energy and all other aspects of life that constitute efforts in the framework of combating climate change.

Earlier this week, Environment Minister Yasmin Fouad said that the climate and environment club at Sharm El-Sheikh Youth Center aims to organize programs to raise awareness concerning concepts and approaches related to climate change as a part of Egypt's 2050 Climate Change Strategy and its upcoming host of the UN climate conference in November.

During her inspection tour of the club, Fouad pointed out that the Ministry of Environment and Youth launched 33 climate clubs in June.

The clubs help the youth to gain environmental information on the issue of climate change to understand the conditions and problems of the environment and related negative practices to participate in finding new and unconventional solutions to them, the minister added.

Fouad said that investment in nature reserves is vital to protect natural resources, secure decent life for local communities and develop them at the social, economic, and environmental levels.

She reviewed proposals for getting the private sector to contribute to this march for the best interests of all parties.

This fell within the framework of the minister's tour to follow up on the underway preparations for the United Nations climate Change Conference (COP27).

She hailed the meeting with the local community which is at the heart of the Egyptian strategy for protecting biodiversity.

She stressed the importance of protecting nature reserves, their resources and cultural and environmental heritage.




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