Egyptian, Somali presidents affirm need to reach binding deal on GERD without delay



Mon, 25 Jul 2022 - 12:32 GMT


Mon, 25 Jul 2022 - 12:32 GMT

CAIRO – 25 July 2022: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said he has agreed with his Somali counterpart, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, on the need to reach a binding deal on the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) without delay.

This should be based on the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) presidential statement in September last year in order to preserve regional security and stability, Sisi said in a joint press conference with Mohamud in Cairo.

Sisi said he discussed with Mohamud the GERD issue, affirming that they highlighted the danger of unilateral policies when implementing projects on transboundary rivers.

Sisi added that they affirmed the necessity to abide by the principle of cooperation and prior consultation between riparian states on GERD to ensure no harm is caused to any of them in accordance with the relevant international law resolutions.

Somali independence

Sisi congratulated Mohamud for assuming post in June as an important step toward enhancing Somalia's stability.

Sisi said Egypt was one of the first countries to recognize Somali independence in 1960 and has kept on supporting Somalia to achieve security and stability.

“We still remember with pride Egypt's martyrs who lost their lives in order for Somalia to gain its independence and preserve its territorial integrity,” Sisi stated.

Close visions

Sisi said his talks with Somali President Mohamud today reflected the close visions that they share on many bilateral and regional issues and files of mutual concern.

Sisi said he reviewed with Mohamud all aspects of ongoing bilateral cooperation and means of boosting them in order to cope with the Egyptian-Somali political relations.

Cooperation projects

During the talks, Sisi said he followed up with Mohamud on the progress achieved with regard to the Egyptian-Somali bilateral cooperation projects and agreed on joint work to enhance efforts of economic development in Somalia.

Sisi said he also followed up on efforts to open Banque Misr's branch in Somalia, which were crowned with success as Central Bank Of Somalia granted the branch a final operating permit in July.

“We hope that the inauguration of Banque Misr branch in Somalia contributes to enhancing Egyptian commercial and investment presence in Somalia in a way that benefits the two sides,” Sisi said.

Bilateral cooperation, regional issues

Sisi and Mohamud also followed up on enhancing cooperation in education realms, counterterrorism, and extremist thought by providing the required training to build the capacities of Somali cadres in all fields.

Sisi and the Somali president prioritized discussions on the Horn of Africa issues and agreed on enhancing security and stability in this region of strategic importance, the president added.

The two presidents agreed on intensifying cooperation and coordination with Somalia on Red Sea security, stressing the responsibility of riparian states to draft all relevant policies with a comprehensive perspective that takes into account the developmental, economic, and security dimensions.

Support to Somalia

Egypt affirms support to Somali efforts to enhance peace and security in the country and eliminate terrorism in order to achieve the desired development, overcome the current challenges, and fulfill people's aspirations, Sisi added.

For his part, Somali President Mohamud affirmed that since the independence, Egypt and Somalia have been linked by security, economic, social service delivery means and areas.

There are still schools built by the Egyptians in Mogadishu and many parts of Somalia, Mohamud said.

“It was only the circumstances that Somalia was facing in the last 3 decades that made our relationship halted and throughout these 30 years, Egypt has been with us to make sure that we come back to our right position in the int'l arena,” Mohamud stated.

He also hailed the “unique” support provided by Egypt in terms of Somali security and social service delivery and for the role of Egypt in rebuilding Somalia.

Inauguration ceremony

Mohamud’s visit to Egypt comes less than two months after he received in Mogadishu Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli, who travelled to the Somali capital to attend Mohamud’s inauguration ceremony.

Madbouli attended the ceremony on behalf of President Sisi, hailing in a speech the “historic and strategic” relations between Egypt and Somalia.

Receiving Madbouli, Mohamud, the tenth president of Somalia, hailed Egypt’s role in supporting Somalia since it gained its independence since 1960.

During the meeting, Madbouli affirmed directives from President Sisi to provide all forms of support to Somalia in all development, security, and training fields.

Egypt will continue its approach in supporting Somalia and standing by the side of its people’s aspirations in development, security, and stability, Madbouli affirmed.

In a speech during the ceremony, Madbouli reiterated Egypt’s support to the Somali national efforts during the coming period to achieve security and peace, achieve sustainable development, and eradicate terrorism.

“This is in order for Somalia to overcome the current challenges and achieve the aspirations of the Somali people in a prosperous future,” Madbouli said. 

Mabdouli called on the brothers and partners to stand by Somalia and provide support required for the African country to achieve permanent security and stability and bring itself back as an effective and strong member of the international community.

The premier said Egypt is keen to enhance cooperation with Somalia in all fields to meet the aspirations of the two countries.

Egypt has been in the lead of the countries that recognized the independence of Somalia in 1960, Madbouli said, hailing in this regard the role played by Egyptian diplomat Kamal El-Din Salah, who was killed in 1975.

“The name of the Egyptian martyr Kamal El-Din Salah, the UN delegate to Somalia, is still remembered with appreciation,” Madbouli said. He added: “he paid his life in 1957 as a cost of his efforts in order for Somalia to gain its independence and preserve its unity.”

The relations between Egypt and Somalia are characterized by multiplicity, Madbouli said, adding that they include political, economic, social, educational, cultural, health and military fields.

“Egypt’s high-level participation in the inauguration ceremony is an affirmation of the historic relations that bind the two countries, since the independence of Somalia in 1960,” the Cabinet said in the statement.



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