5-year-old boy dies in Tanta after drinking cold water



Mon, 25 Jul 2022 - 12:24 GMT


Mon, 25 Jul 2022 - 12:24 GMT

Iced water - CC

Iced water - CC

CAIRO – 25 July 2022: Drinking cold and sometimes iced water is something that we do constantly during summer, and especially on hot days. But have you ever thought it could end your life in minutes?


This actually happened to a 5-year-old boy in Tanta city, north of Cairo, who was announced dead after he drank cold water following intensive physical activity while playing with other kids.


Samir Mohamed, 5yrs, was reportedly playing in Seegar district, and then he drank iced water, which caused him a sharp drop in blood circulation that led to his death.


Dr. Alaa el-Ghamrawy, a Cardiovascular consultant, warned of risks of drinking chilled water in general, saying that it negatively affects the body and heart rates, and could lead to death, according to his statements to DMC TV channel Monday.  


“The sudden drinking of very cold water, especially after exercise, could lead to stimulation of the Vagus nerve, which is main nerve that controls specific body functions including heart rate, and could lead to irregular heartbeats, or cause them to stop, and thus endanger the person’s life,” Dr. Ghamrawy said.     


He further added that cold water causes sore throat, and it stimulates viral and bacterial infections.  


Hani Oais, director of Gharbia Security department, received a notification Sunday that Tanta University Hospital received the body of a death boy who resides in Seegar district.


A report was filed on the incident, and the Public Prosecution took over the investigations, which requested applying forensic examination to the body, and issue a permission to burial, after receiving the report.




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