Metallurgy research center in Egypt carries out 70 projects worth over LE86M



Thu, 07 Jul 2022 - 03:46 GMT


Thu, 07 Jul 2022 - 03:46 GMT



CAIRO – 7 July 2022: Chairman of the Metallurgy Research and Development Center Emad Eweis stated Thursday that the establishment had carried out 70 projects worth more than LE86 million since 2014, and that those are in the fields of research, and maintenance of labs and factories.


In the research context, the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority announced in April that the agricultural research scientists in the authority have started harvesting the production of new strain of genetically-modified wheat at the authority's site in Inshas city, Bilbeis, Sharqia Governorate.


This strain has high-productivity with distinct characteristics such as being resistant to cultivation in saline lands, and water shortage, the authority said in a statement on Friday. 


The rate of production exceeds 4 tons per acre, with an increase of almost a ton over the currently cultivated Egyptian varieties, the statement said, adding that this variety cultivation takes only 140 days, the statement continued. 


The authority's head, Amr El Hajj, said that the cultivation of this strain could contribute to increasing Egypt’s local production of wheat by 33 percent and consequently would decrease the imported wheat.


As for the nuclear energy field, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research indicated in a press statement in April that a practical training program was delivered by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research located at Russia's Dubna to 26 young Egyptian researchers in nuclear sciences.


The researchers belong to 14 Egyptians universities and research institutes, and the duration of their training at Russia extended between March 1 and March 24. Those are the last batch of 324 nuclear researchers that got trained at the institute, as there were 11 previous ones.  


What is distinct about this group is that it is the first to study at the institute after the promotion of Egypt to become the 19th full member, instead of being just an associate member. That promotion took place on November 23, 2021 by voting.



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